By Lauren Brady, Helping Entrepreneurs Win 

Podcasts: heard about them? Toyed with the idea of them? No idea how to dip your toe in?

I was exactly the same a couple of years ago. I promise they are not as complicated as you may think, and once you discover this whole land of free and awesome content it is hard to ever look back!

Here are my top tips to podcast land.

  1. Start with a recommendation, to make it easy I’ll give you one – our Helping Entrepreneurs Win episode 65! It’s me on this exact subject.
  2. Go for a subject or genre you are already into. If you are in business, listening to other people in the same boat (or bigger boat) than you and learning from them is a great way to get a head start. Podcasts are great for experiencing new things, but if you are not familiar with this way of taking in info then don’t double on the ‘new things’ by starting with a whole new topic as well.
  3. When you find a show/host you like, scan down their list of the last 10-15 episodes and go for the title that grabs you – what we vibe off on each day can be different. A big mistake I see people make is trying to force themselves down a road that just isn’t right for that day.
  4. I often pick my episode to suit the time frame I have – if I know my drive is 35 minutes, I look for an episode that fits. Sounds simple but knowing you’ve enough time allows you to relax into it and takes out the need to fidget or get distracted.
  5. I always listen to podcasts as I am driving/walking/cleaning/running (anything with an ING is a sign we can get into a ‘flow state’) and the reason this works is because I made peace with the ‘ONE THING’ rule. I don’t listen to an episode and expect to get ten actions or light bulb moments. If I can retain just one thing from any episode I am delighted – it really takes the pressure off and it feeds into that flow state.

We spend a lot of time around messages that we have little or no control over that influence our thinking, our mood and our behaviour – the news channels, radio shows, conversations around us or even our social media feeds.

The way I see it is that I can always pick my own environment and what messages I absorb with my earphones in or my stereo cranked up. Podcasts are one of the biggest growing mediums of communications and they are accessible to us all.

We look forward to you listening to the HEW ‘Who wants to be an Entrepreneur’ podcast very soon – and read more about it in the podcast feature on page 40-1!