Our columnist Helen Williams on how change can feed directly into your goals

How is this year going to be different to the last? What needs to change?

COVID-19 and lockdowns aside – although easier said than done to cast aside for a moment as none of this is going anywhere very quickly – we have, and continue to, embrace some form of new normal.

I am also pretty sure there will be some horrendous hangovers for many people throughout the course of 2021 – and I’m not referring to the ‘Christmas Spirit’ kind!

When it comes to change and creating a different outcome, the number one factor is mindset. Hands down.

First and foremost, we have to want and welcome change, as well as believe in it, so that we aren’t in a fixed mindset that keeps us stagnant and playing small.

Your mindset determines your perspective, approach, narrative and level of application so it’s pretty crucial we work on this first.

So, as we are now over the reflective period and have enjoyed some time to breathe over the Christmas period, where are we intending on steering the ship to this new year?

I am not talking specific goals here – I am looking at change and instigating said change which feeds directly into your goals. Even if you have set your goals for the year, these next considerations will help you.

More often than not, goals are set without appreciating the work that is needed to go into them. And, to encounter something that you haven’t done before, even if that is scaling and growth from the same business model and blueprint, there will still be some element of change needed in the equation.

The ultimate questions to ask yourself:

  1. What needs to change?
  2. What are your choices?
  3. What is in your control?

‘To make a change, we have a choice and from this choice we take control.’

To embrace these three key areas of change, choice and control is incredibly empowering and will help you formulate the plan of action needed to make your goals happen.

There is absolutely no point in spending time setting goals and having good intentions for your business this year if you have no idea or ownership of what has to change in order to get you there.

The alternative, of course, is the definition of insanity stated by the great Albert Einstein.

If this year is going to be different for you, how will you make it so, using the 3 Cs as above?

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