By Helen Williams 

Our columnist Helen Williams of Helping Entrepreneurs Win says mentoring students and young people pays dividends in the long term as we provide vital experience to the next generation of business leaders.

Expansion, delegation of tasks, entrusting others, recruiting, training, networking, building new products, pitching for new contracts, delivering day to day, improving processes, implementing systems.

The list goes on and as many of you will know and appreciate, it’s all part of the process if you want to grow and develop your business and professional performance. To assist with our growth here at HEW, especially with regards to extra hands on deck and the growth of the back of house support team we have partnered with the Employer Engagement and Higher Skills Teams at The Sheffield College. Our ever-evolving partnership has allowed us to provide work experience placements with students as well as engage government led employment placements via the Kickstart scheme.

This is where the real magic happens in terms of alignment.

Lauren and I both had experience at college and university with different chosen paths at that point in terms of time in education before entering the world of employment. However, the time in higher and further education was still painful and challenging for the both of us.

I always say I wish I had a me in my life back then who could advise, steer, provide inspiration and help nurture the skills needed at this valuable time in life. I remember not knowing what direction I wanted to go in and then when I did leave university, I graduated over qualified and under experienced despite having part time jobs and volunteering where I could.

We feel growth in business but growth is painful for students and young adults too.

And this is what is often forgotten or misunderstood. Lauren and I totally appreciate it from both sides of the coin.

Mix in a couple of decades that have passed since we were in the same shoes, a huge surge forward of the digital world and a pandemic leading to further remote working than ever and do we really appreciate the growing pains these students and young adults are experiencing?!

I wholeheartedly see this as a winning formula for all parties.

It is a collective community responsibility to ensure the future generations are equipped for employment fully, with education, experience and a toolkit of skills to boot.

We are a small cog in this wheel creating a small yet impactful dent in this responsibility.

As businesses and employers we are looking for growth and additional resource to assist with every growing to do lists and plans, and students and young adults who are entering into employment, they are looking for someone to give them an opportunity and help them learn more and be more in a professional environment.

It really is like a piece of music that everyone can play and enjoy for us, as this in essence is what we offer a business; we help individuals and business owners grow and develop to have more and be more.

Learnings about not only business procedures, project and task management and deliverables around KPIs happen as standard but with the added bonus of learning indirectly (and directly where applicable) about mindset, skillset, behaviours and etiquette.

Valuable skills of the intangible variety for anyone’s repertoire.

As a business does it take time, effort and patience?

Yes of course it does. Buckets of it. But business is built on these credentials isn’t it?

All manners of growth does, especially when it comes to additional resource, team members and recruitment.

I personally see it as a full circle of what we are about, believing in people, showing integrity, providing opportunity and helping others grow.

Some people need a kickstart, some people need a jumpstart, but one thing is for sure – we all collectively want the same thing, and that is to grow and achieve.


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