5 Paid Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Paid social media advertising provides plenty of benefits, such as lead generation, brand awareness and promoting to a wider audience – all without that huge bill.

Facebook, in particular, is a fantastic platform for small businesses with minimal budgets – but how do you get the most from your efforts?

Install the Tracking Pixel

The pixel is a code placed on your website which is vital for measuring success. It’s surprising how many advertisers don’t have this set up!

The pixel not only tracks conversions, but is also necessary for ad optimisation, creating targeted audiences and remarketing.

It’s best to install this before you start – that way you’ll already have data that Facebook can utilise from the off.

Test, test and test again

The beauty of Facebook advertising is the ability to rigorously A/B test. Find out what works best and roll this out to improve future campaigns.

Here are just a few elements to test:

  • Content
  • Message
  • Call to action
  • Image
  • Time of day
  • Placement
  • Device

Utilise Retargeting

Often a potential buyer comes to your site, clicks around and moves on. So, how do you entice them back? The simple answer is Facebook retargeting ads.

You can also reach an audience that may not have even visited your site before, but they have shown interest in your industry.

When sharing curated content such as 3rd party news, you can add a pixel to the short link. Now you can retarget anyone who clicks on this content with relevant ads.

Customer service

82% of consumers will use Facebook to communicate with a brand’s customer service team. Providing top notch customer service – and doing so in the customer’s preferred channel – will set you apart from your competitors.

Facebook displays your response time, so fast replies build trust and indicate to customers that you’ll be around to help, should there be an issue.

Custom audiences

Building a custom audience is a more accurate way to select your target consumers than randomly selecting interests and demographics.

Rather than making (educated) guesses, Facebook can build audiences based on a number of behaviours such as: newsletter subscribers or friends of people who like and engage with your page.

Build your own or give Facebook the power to find similar people to your existing customer list.

We can set up pixels and run Facebook campaigns for you – for more information, get in touch with the Evoluted team.

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