SELF isolation isn’t stopping South Yorkshire documentary film maker Wayne Sables from getting on with the job.


For while he stays safe at home with his family in Doncaster, he is reaching out to artists, makers and performers and inviting them to join him in creating a special documentary feature that will reflect their lives as the Covid-19 lockdown continues.


“Obviously I can’t go out and film people at the moment but that doesn’t mean we can’t take this opportunity to create a really exciting new piece of work,” Wayne said.


“I’m asking people to film themselves – everybody has the technology to do that now – and share their thoughts on how the lockdown is affecting them, how it is making them look at their priorities and the way they work and even how this unique situation is helping them to form new relationships within the arts community.


“Then all they have to do is forward that footage to me and I will use it to create a unique record of this time for us all to share – it’s a truly collaborative experience and one that should demonstrate very clearly that nothing stands in the way of creativity.”


Already Wayne has had more than 50 individuals contact him and the film sequences are now also starting to come through.


And to ease the way forward he is also looking for a small team of people, all of whom will work remotely to help bring the project to fruition.


“This is a great opportunity for self development, a chance to develop some new skills,” he said.


“While people are having to work from home, this is an ideal time for developing new ideas, creating new projects for the future and I really want this film to capture that sense of unstoppable creativity.


“The finished film will go online and provide a valuable record of a time that has had a major impact on all our lives.”


For further information or to submit material email: or visit