Guilty of feeling guilty?

Many working people often feel guilty for taking time off. They think they don’t deserve to take free time.

You might be surprised when I say that, no, you don’t deserve to take free time.

In my opinion, taking free time away from your business isn’t a reward for good behaviour. I see it as a necessary precondition for optimum creativity and productivity.

So stop thinking that you’ll let yourself take a few days off when you get such-and-such done, get so-and-so hired, get this-and-that delegated, and so on. The end of your “to-do” list will never happen.

A tired business owner brain is a nightmare.

Look at it this way: You’re the brains behind your business, and in order to continue to be successful, you’ve got to keep your brain sharp. The trouble is, if you use it continuously without rest, it will get dull. How creative can you be with your brain dulled by overuse?

This is why I firmly believe in the idea of Free Days™. Free Days™ are 24-hour days with absolutely no work-related thinking, reading, or activities. Free Days™ come before periods of high productivity, not after. They make your brain sharper, which means you’ll come back from your time off with a new perspective, more energy, and very probably a breakthrough.

Take one holiday a year, get one breakthrough. Take two holidays a year, get two breakthroughs. Take three, get three…

This can be a difficult concept for entrepreneurs to buy into, even the ones who don’t admit to being workaholics. My view is that you need to work less to make more. You need Free Days™!

Take this short quiz to determine if you’re due for some Free Days™:

Do you always need to be “connected” with your mobile device?

Do you take your laptop with you on a weekend break or on holiday?

Do you believe your business can’t run without you?

Do you believe that taking more Free Days™ means less income?

Is your idea of relaxation catching up on work on the weekend?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, drop everything and plan a holiday (minimum one week) immediately.

Tips to get you started!

Decide on a relaxing spot you already know and love, or that you’ve always wanted to visit. You need to feel rejuvenated.

Book your holiday now
(yes, now.)

Put your holiday in your diary and protect those days. Think of this time as untouchable.

Make a list and start taking the necessary steps to have business handled while you’re away. Delegate, outsource, find a new capability – whatever it takes.

If you answered “no” to every question…

Hooray! You’re on the right track! Get another holiday into your schedule now and protect that time. Don’t let yourself get off course!

Greater productivity = greater success.

Working with a high quality financial planner who understands the importance of Free Days™ and can help you build these in to your planning could be the key to your greater success.


Raj Shah is founder of
Blue Wealth capital and
has been shortlisted for Financial Planner of the
Year and Investment
Adviser of the Year.