Sarize Hill works for Crystal Clean – a multi-award winning commercial cleaning company based in Sheffield, serving the areas of South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Celebrating 15 years in business this year, the company provide flexible and reliable cleaning contracts and have a broad client base of offices, showrooms and industrial properties.

1. Smelling clean and being clean are two different things

Although they are often associated with each other, it’s possible for something to smell clean but not actually be clean. For example, using an air freshener can make a room smell clean, but it won’t actually remove dirt and germs from surfaces. While it’s nice to have things smell clean, it’s more important to focus on actually cleaning and disinfecting surfaces to ensure that they are free from harmful germs and bacteria.

2. Cleaning is a science and requires careful management

New clients will often come to us because their current cleaners “aren’t very good”; but more often than not, it is the extremely poor products and equipment that they have been provided with along with a lack of support and management that is actually the problem. Cleaning is much more than just a mop and bucket: it requires science, knowledge, skills and hard work. At Crystal Clean, our people are the most important part of what we do, so we work hard to manage and support them because ultimately they are the ones who look after our clients day to day.

3. The importance of using the right cleaning products

Cleaners know that different surfaces require different cleaning products.  For example, using an all-purpose cleaner on a delicate surface could damage it, or using a harsh cleaning solution on a stain could make it worse. Experienced cleaners know which products work best for different types of surfaces and stains. And for those of you that don’t know, bleach is not a cleaning product!

4. The importance of cleaning in a specific order

Experienced cleaners know that cleaning in a specific order can make the job faster and more efficient. For example, starting with dusting and moving on to vacuuming can prevent dirt and dust from being pushed around and making the job harder.

5. The satisfaction of a job well done

Finally, cleaners know the satisfaction of a job well done. There’s something deeply satisfying about taking a dirty space and transforming it into a clean and safe place to work. Cleaners take pride in their work and know that their efforts can make a big difference in the lives of the people they clean for.

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