This time last year Whyy? Change were looking to establish and enhance their brand following a challenging few months in lockdown and hired a marketing intern. With restrictions easing, they share the journey Matt Trueman has made over the past 12 months…

It’s July 2020 and Sheffield based training provider Whyy? Change has recruited a marketing intern through Sheffield Hallam’s Class of 2020.

Matt’s role was to communicate the voice of the business and deliver growth across its channels. At the time Ray Byrne, CEO, said: “Matt has demonstrated the talent and behaviours I want to see in the team. My job is to get out of his way.”

A year later and Matt is now head of communications at Whyy? Change. Here’s Matt’s 12-month journey as he reveals just how.


Having graduated from university, I came into the business with lots of fresh ideas and was given the freedom to put my spin on the content being created. CEO Ray and director of governance Emma Harrison were super supportive which gave me the confidence to experiment.

One thing I’ve learnt since starting is the importance of collaboration. Collaborating with other stakeholders and partners has enabled Whyy? Change to foster long-term partnerships with CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing), CMI (Chartered Management Institute), Pearson Edexcel and Bureau Veritas (read more in January’s edition of unLTD on page 32).

These partnerships have added value to Whyy? Change’s apprenticeship offering, while giving me experience working closely with other leading educational institutes in the UK.


Navigating my marketing career at Whyy? Change has been fast paced, having started as an intern, and after two months I was taken on full time and given the role of marketing lead in September.

To have been offered a full-time graduate position during a pandemic was a sign of Whyy? Change’s commitment to growth, and vision of providing business knowledge and services to transform people and industry.

In January 2021, I started my CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing training – a qualification I’ve always been interested in studying with it being highly regarded in the marketing industry – while developing skills in planning campaigns, applied marketing and digital marketing techniques.


One month later I was promoted to head of communications, being given the responsibility of managing the marketing content for all six of Whyy? Change’s product channels – Marketing, Leadership, Lean and Six Sigma, Apprenticeships, Quality HSE and Functional Skills.

Being accountable for marketing multiple product channels, planning events and building Whyy? Change’s online brand has given me exposure to the marketing industry and the world of professional training.

One of the projects I’ve enjoyed being a part of is helping to design Whyy?’s guiding principles. As the team grows, instilling the business mantra of ‘Think. Plan. Crack On’ and the guiding principles into everyone has helped us to build a positive company culture.

I’ve also been empowered to deliver LinkedIn Sales Training to businesses to give them the confidence to find new clients and enhance their online presence.


If you’re looking to get savvy on LinkedIn “whyy” not get in touch? Just drop me a line at @ and we can discuss all things LinkedIn.

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