This month is all about bringing out your positive pants and dancing round in them like no-one is watching. Or with an audience – depends if you’re quite the showman / woman or not!

Let me ask you this, how easy is it to fall into the trap of focusing on what you can’t do and the tasks that you’re not too confident at? And it’s not that the focus is channelled in to learning or improving necessarily either – it’s usually in the form of procrastination and self-sabotage.

What we want you to actually focus on is the flip side of what you usually would default your thinking to and focus on what you are good at.

We want you to work to your strengths for the foreseeable and build some good, strong momentum for yourself and your business.

This is by no means suggesting that you flippantly toss away all your weaker spots (perceived or otherwise). Weaker areas and the stuff we aren’t so good at are dealt with in a different way, but for now we are allowing your strengths to take centre stage.

Build me up buttercup…

Ask yourself – what am I good at? Don’t be shy, elevate yourself and be bloody well proud.

List all of your strengths.Consider all areas of your life (personality traits, emotions, business, relationships, finances – it could even be a party trick that you have up your sleeve.)

How do these strengths benefit you? How do these strengths help others? Think of the impact and ripple effect you have. Allow yourself to be humble for a minute.

Why is this important?

To enable you to recognise yourself for what you can do, not what you think you can’t. Let’s work on facts not perception. You naturally give yourself a boost by sinking into this task alone, it builds confidence and helps you create positive pathways into your mindset.

It’s not rose tinted, it’s not sugar coated, it’s based on you recognising and accepting yourself.

Does it seem alien to do?

We are  definitely thinking so, because we aren’t as used to being as kind and complimentary to ourselves, are we? A little bit sad, that really isn’t it?

We would always lift, promote and pat someone else on the back but ooh no – when it comes to yourself, ‘nah don’t get too much above your station, I’m going to tell you all the bad stuff that will paralyse you from achieving what you are capable of’.

That’s a negative Nancy inner dialogue example right there!


Starting now!

Enjoy the task and relish in celebrating #youfirst.