With recognition across the industry and the expansion of their Sheffield team, it’s been abusy 2022 so far for The SEO Works. Fresh from their recent relocation to a larger office space, unLTD grabs a few minutes with them to hear about their roles and the impact they are  making on their clients in South Yorkshire and beyond.


Alex Beech, web designer

Website design is at the forefront of digital marketing, with more businesses than ever shifting their focus online. A clean, modern and easy-to-use website can drastically improve conversions, with users spending very little time on each web page, meaning they don’t want to have to search around and spend time looking for what they need. The website needs to guide the users quickly to the content they need to keep them engaged. A good user flow helps this, with easy and fast experiences making it more likely for customers to return in the future.

At The SEO Works, we build custom websites for a wide range of clients and have experience with different styles and needs. A custom website rather than a templated ‘off the shelf’ build allows us to create exactly what a client needs with very little compromise.

We use our design knowledge coupled with SEO to create not only web-friendly, accessible and attractive websites but also a website that will rank well with Google. These two factors help to increase web traffic and conversions while also boosting your brand to a wider audience.


Ahmed Patel, PPC team leader

I head up a ‘pod’ of other PPCs while managing and leading my own client portfolio.

I’ve been running paid search campaigns for clients for almost a decade now. The surprising part is it is still exciting, challenging, and demanding. The impact my team  and I can have on the client’s business is the most satisfying aspect of the job.

PPC is unique because of its integral role in online advertising campaigns, playing a huge part in helping a business to grow online. Typically, our team will handle establishing new campaigns and overseeing current ones for our clients, looking to utilise various paid channels – from Google Ads to paid social like Meta and LinkedIn.

With PPC campaign optimisation is crucial, with our teams constantly analysing keywords and relevant trends to improve performance.

What makes us one of the leading PPC marketing agencies in the North is our ability to communicate clearly, think critically, have an aptitude for maths, identify future trends, and have a high tolerance for change and dealing with tricky situations.


Molly Flynn, SEO team leader

I’m an SEO team leader, heading up a ‘pod’ of other SEOs while managing my own client portfolio.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of optimising a website’s content, technical performance and online reputation. The goal is to help our clients’ sites to perform better in Google’s search results so people can find them and buy from them.

Every time you search the web, complex algorithms decide what websites are most relevant to best answer your query. My job is to help my clients appear in these results. We consider what terms people use in Google when they’re looking for our client’s services. Then we analyse how we can make a website more relevant and authoritative for those terms.

I work with businesses in a wide range of industries and markets. Most people turn to the web when they’re wanting information, to buy a product or hire a service – even B2B industries. Therefore, it’s the place to be if you want to be found by your customers. SEO is a long-term marketing strategy but one that can bring big returns on investment.


Ryan Fox, senior business development manager

My role within the agency is varied. I spend most of my time listening or talking to marketing personnel within businesses, whether they are at the early stages of writing up a digital marketing plan or ready to choose an agency.

Above all, my aim is to thoroughly understand businesses’ paint points and current failings within their digital presence and craft a solution that will help meet their goals and objectives – whether that is more sales, enquiries or just more visibility. I work with our brilliant teams across SEO, PPC, social, web and digital PR to provide feedback on current performance and provide a bespoke and honest solution that can resonate with stakeholders at all levels of the business.

Aside from this, I spend a lot of time working with our senior leadership team to ensure our solution remains industry-leading, whilst ensuring it is accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes. I look forward to speaking with more companies who are ready to take full advantage of our suite of digital services.


Mikaila Storey, senior digital PR executive

I focus on gaining links and coverage from a wide range of publications for clients.

My role involves coming up with creative campaign ideas that will then be created and pitched to a wide range of publications. The end goal is that journalists will pick up these campaigns and share them on their website, gaining a brand mention or link for our clients. Digital PR is the latest offering from The SEO Works and although we’re currently a small team, new clients are coming in thick and fast, and we are already gaining amazing results!

Digital PR is great for businesses as not only does it help get their name out there, increase brand awareness and build their online presence, but it also helps build their website’s backlink profile, which supports SEO strategy and helps to increase their ranking on Google.

To find out more about how The SEO Works could help your business, visit www.seoworks.co.uk.