This city has some amazing business leaders. They start and grow businesses. They create hundreds and thousands of jobs. They generate profits and pay taxes that fund frontline services. Without more strong and successful businesses in Sheffield, our city would crumble.

That is why Sheffield Chamber is saying to you and other business leaders – we need your help in leading the way in making Sheffield the best place in the UK to do business.

The Chamber is not a complicated organisation. We have a full-time team committed to supporting our members. We have a Board that shapes our strategy. We also have the Chamber Council, made up of representatives from our membership.

What the Chamber Council does is written down in a rule book that has been around for decades, if not a century. We will talk about the rules in another article, but right now the most important thing is to focus on the big picture. And that is, the Chamber Council is there to help make the Chamber stronger and to represent you, our members, when we speak to politicians and decision-makers in the Town Hall.

We recently welcomed Sheffield Council’s new leader, Cllr Terry Fox, and the city’s new chief executive Kate Josephs. They came with one simple question. How can Sheffield City Council and the business community work together to make Sheffield a better place for everyone?

Since then, members of the Chamber Council have been working to set the agenda and thinking about those issues that are important to the business community. What does the Town Hall need to start, stop, and continue doing to support businesses large and small across our city?

Representing the business community is challenging. There are 30,000 businesses in the city. The Chamber of Commerce Council needs to represent small and large businesses from different industries and sectors. That is why each year our council changes. Some people step up. Some people step down. This year is no different.

Starting this month, we are looking for applications from business leaders who want to help lead the way in making Sheffield the best place in the UK to do business.

The criteria is pretty simple – you must work in or run a business that is a Chamber member. But we want people who are energetic and excited about the future, people who want to make a difference to the business community and the city and who are willing to give their time to be part of the change.

If that sounds like you, get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in the role, please apply online by visiting If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact SCCI nominations committee chair, Grace Brierley via email at