Stagecoach Yorkshire has announced improving levels of customer satisfaction after a survey by Transport Focus.

The Bus Passenger Survey results by Transport Focus, which is an independent transport user watchdog, sees Stagecoach Yorkshire improve year on year in South Yorkshire for ‘Overall Journey Satisfaction’ with 92 per cent. The annual bus passenger survey takes place across the whole of the UK.

Customer satisfaction has increased by 3 per cent from last year and is the highest rating for Stagecoach Yorkshire for the last five years of the survey. The average across South Yorkshire is 87 per cent.

Stagecoach Yorkshire Managing director Matt Davies said: “The survey results are testament to the focus we have been giving on improving our service quality.

“Over the past year we have made significant improvements and introduced added benefits for passengers including contactless payments, more wi-fi availability, strong ongoing fleet investment, on-going driver training and had a real focus on bus cleanliness.

“All this has added up to these improved results. However, while we are pleased, we are not content, and we will continue to strive to give the best possible service to our passengers.”

The survey also revealed that bus driver satisfaction (safety of driving) has increased by 1 per cent to 91 per cent, driver appearance is up 2 per cent to 91 per cent and interior cleanliness has improved by 5 per cent to 84 per cent.

Mr Davies said: “One of the most rewarding aspects of the survey is that our customers are telling us how pleased they are with the cleanliness of our buses, for which I must credit our staff.

“Bus cleanliness is something we can directly affect, so for customers to recognise that we have listened to them and then improved is particularly pleasing.”

Mr Davies added: “However, our bus punctuality score has fallen to 74 per cent and even though we are slightly ahead of the local average this is a growing problem across the country that all bus operators are facing due to increased congestion which is slowing down bus journeys.

“Working together with our local authority partners and local politicians, we need to address this growing problem to allow buses to flourish and benefit both the local economy and the local environment.”