Health and physical activity experts from across the UK will meet at Sheffield Hallam University this week to explore ways in which to improve youth exercise education.

 The Youth Strength, Fitness and Health Conference taking place on Thursday (17 January) will welcome key-note speakers and guests from around the country and has been organised in collaboration with TRA Performance Education, an initiative set-up by two academic practitioners, with the aim of improving guidance around youth health and fitness support.

With recent research showing a worrying rise in childhood obesity in the UK, the conference will focus on assisting those working with young people to encourage a keener focus on youth fitness and physical activity.

Dave Hembrough, senior sport science officer in the Sheffield Hallam’s Centre for Sport and Exercise Science, said: “This is a fantastic event to promote the health, fitness and wellbeing of young people all over the UK through sport and physical activity. The University is renowned for having a vast amount of expertise in healthcare and a commitment to improving the health of the nation through the development of innovative research and creative products. We are therefore perfectly placed to host this conference which will see leading experts provide teachers, coaches, parents and young athletes with the skills and knowledge to make our future generations healthier.”

Lee Bell, a sports science lecturer and PhD candidate at Sheffield Hallam said: “I’ve always had a keen interest in the widespread benefits of health and fitness however; my work has been focused on the adult population.

“My young son is a member of the Hallam Barbell Weightlifting club, run by Dave Hembrough, and the knowledge, passion and quality of coaching available to young people at the club, sparked my own interest in youth exercise. I’m particularly interested in how activities can be adapted for young people so they aren’t just about fitness, they’re fun too.

Lee co-manages TRA Performance Education, an organisation that invites experts in specialist fitness areas to deliver educational talks and seminars. “There is so much potential value for coaches and parents to learn about youth exercise that it occurred to me to organise an event,” said Lee.

“Dave and I contacted some of the most respected experts in the industry to come and talk about their knowledge and experience of how exercise can positively impact young people on a physical, emotional and developmental level. I’m really looking forward to this event, for so many reasons.”

The event is being held at the Sheffield Hallam University Collegiate Campus, tickets are available here. Proceeds from conference ticket sales are being donated to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.

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