Instagram has a huge potential for small business owners to strengthen their marketing efforts. In fact, data suggests that the platform is expected to reach 1.2 billion users by 2023, which gives businesses the needed exposure to target a wide number of audiences. In addition, 78% of marketers use Instagram to drive customers and boost sales.


And in today’s arena, where every other individual is running behind the online shopping trend, choosing Instagram to gain customers sounds like a solid strategy. Considering the same, in this article, we have shared some tips and tricks on how small businesses can grow on Instagram and make BIG money. Keep on reading.


3 Surefire Ways to Know Your Growth Potential on Instagram


If you have just started your business and are planning to target one or two social media channels, including Instagram – you need to be sure that the platform has your prospective customers. Here are three ways to find out:


  • The first and most practical action is just to ask your customers straight away. If you have an email list, send a quick survey form to your customers and try to know more about their social media habits. Ask what platforms they prefer for shopping and why.
  • Compare your target audience with the audience on Instagram. People of different age groups are active on different social media channels. Hence, it is a smart step to compare your audience’ age, gender, geographical location, and interests with the active users on Instagram.
  • Lastly, look at your competitors. Your competitors’ customers are also potential new customers for your businesses. So, if your competitors are doing well on Instagram, it’s likely that you will find your audience on Instagram.


4 Ways to Grow on Instagram


  • Set Your Instagram Business Profile the Right Way


Your profile is just like the homepage on the platform. Hence it needs to be optimized well. Start with setting up your profile picture and use your brand logo or icon for it. Now, write a compelling bio that explains your business and its goals well. This will help the right audience find you and follow you on the platform.


  • Grow Your Followers


If you have set out a certain marketing budget, you can buy Instagram Likes and even followers to grow your business. This is the best and most practical way to get off the edge when your efforts are not really giving you the results you deserve. This tactic increases your chances of visibility on the explore page of Instagram by nearly 80%.


  • Be Relatable; Don’t Try Hard to Sell


Remember, most people will follow you for your content and not those ads. Hence, instead of trying hard to sell with promotional content, grab their attention by being relatable. This will help you gain more likes and engagement on your posts, which will automatically and organically boost your following.


  • Engagement Is Important


And the most important factor is engaging with your followers. It starts with posting regular content (both written and video) and interacting with your audience through comments and polls on stories. In addition, use relevant hashtags under your posts to increase reach and help the right customers land your product or service. Remember, the key is to stay consistent and relevant throughout the process.


Final Thoughts


Social media marketing has become the most effective and surefire way for businesses to attract customers. Small businesses find it even more lucrative as it offers a non-expensive marketing platform to boost brand awareness and brand visibility.


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