A specialist studio, based in Barnsley, is using the power of bespoke 2D animation to help clients share important eco-friendly messages with their audiences.

B Animated specialises in the creation of 2D animations to promote businesses, services and products.

The business, situated at the town’s Digital Media Centre on County Way, was founded by award-winning designer Laura Blackburn in 2018.

Recently the studio has been working on a range of animation projects which focus on the promotion of sustainability and low and zero carbon initiatives.

This includes work for The Seam, Barnsley’s Digital Campus, where B Animated created animations to promote the site’s development, including the upcoming Active Travel Hub, which encourages visitors to walk to the campus or travel by scooter or bike, and the use of electric vehicles. The campus will also use the latest digital technologies to be a testbed for future sustainability practises.

Another project saw them create an animation for Zero Carbon Cities, a project led by Manchester City Council to help seven cities with the transition to zero carbon.

This was then shared at an event for key partners and stakeholders to promote the work being done.

According to Laura, 2D animation is a great way for clients to present information about the work they are doing or service they provide in a clear and eye-catching format, which appeals to their target audience.

She said: “Zero and low carbon projects have been a really popular sector for us over the last few months as businesses and cities look to become more environmentally friendly and meet targets around reducing emissions.

“Using 2D animation, such as an animated explainer video, enables businesses to present what can sometimes be complicated information or infographics in a more visual and interesting way.

“These could then be used, for example, in presentations to other businesses or the public, informing them of the key facts of a project.

“We’ve had some great feedback from happy clients who say using an animation in this way has really helped them to create an engaging presentation which captures their audience’s attention.

“These have been great projects to play a part in and we’re looking forward to helping more clients share their eco-friendly credentials in the future.”

As well as carving out a niche in the sustainability sector, Laura and her team have also been kept busy with global client projects – and have recently seen their work go Stateside.

In collaboration with our client Science in Sport, they worked on artwork for New York City FC’s home ground, the Yankee Stadium, producing eye-catching LED strip advertising which runs the entire span of the pitch.

Other clients B Animated has worked with include Barnsley Council, Barnsley Premier Leisure and Enterprising Barnsley and as the business prepares to celebrate its fourth anniversary later this year, there are more exciting projects in the pipeline over the coming months.

For more information, call 01226 720774, email: laura@banimated.co.uk or visit www.banimated.co.uk