Sheffield-based postural support specialist Jenx Ltd. is celebrating its 40th anniversary, with a range of events and activities planned.

The company was founded by husband-and-wife Clive and Catherine Jenkins in 1982. Catherine, a paediatric physiotherapist, discovered that when working with a child who couldn’t stand independently, she could help by making a product that would support him. Enlisting the help of Clive, who was a product designer, they worked together to create the product, and Jenx Ltd was born.

Over the past 40 years, Jenx Ltd. alongside its UK distribution division Jiraffe has become the world’s most respected company dedicated to developmental equipment for children, developing modular products designed to support them in sitting, standing, laying and during therapy.

The 40th anniversary will be celebrated with three key themes – community, children and celebration.

The community event will be an opportunity to thank all the staff who have been part of Jenx and Jiraffe. Activities such as the planting of 40 trees are planned and an artist has been commissioned to produce a commemorative piece of art.

The theme of children relates to those Jenx has helped over the past 40 years. The company is developing 40 stories from children who have benefited from their products and is commissioning podcasts with partners and friends to tell the story of how Jenx Ltd has helped transform the lives of thousands of children.

A celebration to mark the 40th anniversary will be held at Peddler’s Market in Sheffield on September 23, with live music, street food and entertainment.

As the company celebrates the past 40 years, Jenx directors Holly Jenkins and Dan Limb now look to the future.

Holly Jenkins – Clive and Catherine’s daughter and director at Jenx Ltd’s UK distribution division, Jiraffe, said: “Jenx Ltd was set up with the aim of enriching lives and changing perceptions about disability, and over the past four decades so much work has gone into achieving that.

“The company has made a positive difference to so many people and for me personally, it is more of a privilege and a passion than a job.

“These events have been planned to fit our key themes of children, community and celebration, and we want to bring together everyone who has done their bit for Jenx over the past 40 years, as well as the wonderful people our equipment has helped.”

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