Leading tech company Kollider is renovating the newly available spaces at Castle House and Barkers Pool House to create a ‘landing ground space’ for new innovative ideas.

Barkers Pool House, located in the city centre will house the sub-sector focused business development and investment units known as the ‘Centres of Excellence’.

The new sub-sectors will include media, games development and supply chain and retail.

Tom Wolfenden from Sheffield Tech Parks carried out the interior fit out of the Barkers Pool House (also known as “K1” ) with an ambition to keep the ‘landing ground space’ open after the newly renovated space at Castle House officially opens.

The development at Castle House is benefitting from a grant from the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS). Sheffield City Council has made funding available to bring the landmark Co-op building in Castlegate back into use. The building will focus upon delivering a home for the community– with community being the central focus it aims to encourage connectivity and innovation in line with Sheffield’s changing economy and stimulate further business growth in the Sheffield City Region.