The up-close mentalist shares his journey into performing and how Launchpad helped him find confidence and contacts.

Tell us about your company:

I am an up-close mentalist, which is a magician who specialises in mind reading. I perform at weddings, corporate parties, and private events, which involves going from group to group or table to table, reading and influencing the thoughts of willing participants.

I’m sure a lot of questions spring to mind about how this is done and maybe even a few doubts that it would work with you, but you’ll just have to experience it for yourself and find out!

Launchpad Charlie Nunn

When did you decide to start up on your own and what inspired you?

Other performers such as Derren Brown have inspired me to learn magic and I considered being a magician for about seven years. I only performed socially, and even then I really needed a push to do so as I was very shy. When I first saw the reactions I could get from performing the simplest feats of magic, I was hooked immediately and wanted more.

Just before the pandemic I decided to try and make performing my full-time job, as it was the only thing I could genuinely see myself doing for the rest of my working life. During the lockdowns, I attempted a few online shows but am now back to live performances.

Launchpad Charlie Nunn

How has Launchpad helped you?

I am still very introverted, so I really needed something to boost my confidence. The wisdom and passion of the Launchpad team helped give me the motivation I needed to get started and, most importantly, pointed me in the right direction. It may or may not surprise you to hear that for me, the hardest part of entertaining a room full of people was not the mind reading, but actually getting the gig to begin with.

What are your hopes and aims for your business?

As simple as it sounds, my main goal for my business is to make it my full-time job. Performing is hard to get into and I still have a day job; after graduating from university I looked for work but found it incredibly difficult to secure good employment, like many others in my position. I hope to feel confident enough to quit one day and only read minds for a living.

Find out more by contacting Charlie Nunn on, 07772 538839, or visit his website here


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