There are times when even the most active voluntary groups need a helping hand and Burncross Action Team (BAT) is no exception.

Over the past few years, as part of the Streets Ahead highways improvement programme, Amey workers have been supporting BAT’s efforts to keep Burncross clean and tidy.

As well as re-arranging the street cleansing schedule to correspond with the ‘In Bloom’ judging days, they have also provided the group with litter-picking equipment, collected bags of rubbish and responded promptly to reports of fly-tipping.

Several Streets Ahead employees chose to spend their most recent community involvement day helping BAT to empty flower boxes ready for re-planting, pruning bushes and cutting back a hedge in the Burncross Recreation Ground.

Brenda Hind, Chair of Burncross Action Team said: “We are very grateful for all the support and help from Streets Ahead and we hope our partnership will continue for many years to come.

“Our latest project, establishing a wildflower and wildlife area at a disused ex-highways depot, has recently won a platinum award at the ‘Yorkshire in Bloom’ 2018 competition, which we’re extremely proud of.”

Earlier this year, Streets Ahead gave their full support to installing a new bench in the heart of Burncross, outside the local GP’s surgery.

Jenny Shelton, Secretary of BAT, said: “The new bench on Bevan Way is close to a care home, the GP surgery, supermarket, pharmacy and funeral directors, so it’s a central spot and a popular meeting area. It is also half way up the hill from Chapeltown and the top of Burncross, so it’s a great resting point too!”

Each area of Sheffield is supported by a designated Streets Ahead Community Steward.  Burncross and Chapeltown form part of the north Sheffield community assembly area and are supported by Streets Ahead Community Steward, Vince Varnam.

Cabinet assistant for environment and streetscene, Councillor Karen McGowan said: “It’s fantastic that the Burncross community are coming together in such a productive way and helping to improve their local area- they are setting a real example for other areas of the city.

“There’s a range of activities that community groups and individuals can get involved in and Amey’s community stewards are always on hand to support, wherever possible.

“Engagement with local groups means that we can get involved in community projects and work together to have a positive impact on the city as a whole.”

The Streets Ahead programme will improve Sheffield’s roads, pavements, street lights, bridges and other streetscene and maintain them over the next 20 years.