Our columnist shares an insight into the importance of landing pages by Dylan Bonsall

Dylan Bonsall, digital marketing executive at Logica Digital, explains the crucial steps in developing a landing page to help your business stand out.

Dylan Bonsall from Logical Digital.

In 2022 more companies than ever before are taking their businesses online and making that switch to an online marketplace. In fact, there are estimated to be between 12 and 24 million ecommerce websites currently worldwide (Digital Commerce 360), meaning companies are competing to stay ahead of the competition day in, day out.

A key advertising strategy for most ecommerce businesses is currently paid ads, whether that’s on social media, search engines or another channel. The only issue is this is just the first step to getting someone who sees your ad to visit your ecommerce site.

The next – and most crucial step – is your landing page, a key moment in the customer journey which could make or break the sale.

Here are a few elements you should be considering when building these pages:

Optimised imagery

Potential customers will have already seen your branding through the ad they clicked on but, when they land on your site, they’re expecting to see more images of your product, and they need to impress. Whether it’s showing your product in use, or a deeper look into the features, the potential customer needs to be shown how great that product is and see how it could add value to them.

CTAs (Calls-To-Action)

I would recommend a bigger, more obvious call to action at the top of the page for those more easily convinced, and then scatter more throughout so the viewer is never too far away from another CTA. You need to tell the user exactly what you want them to do next.


If a viewer lands on your site after scrolling through their feed and is met with dull content, they’re going to go back and keep scrolling. Hook the viewer with your content, write it in a style that they will relate to.

Mobile friendly

Most social media users tend to be on mobile, so your landing pages need to be optimised for different device types to ensure a smooth user experience.

Offers and promotions

Are you running an offer or promotion? Make it obvious! People are much more likely to buy a product if they’ve been incentivised with a discount.

Keep testing

Keep optimising your landing page, try out different imagery, different content, a different structure, or even create a second landing page to test against the original.

One of the key points to take away is not to shy away from testing and making your landing pages different from the rest so you stand out from the crowd.

For help building effective landing pages or improving your current ones, get in touch with the team at Logica Digital. Contact us on hello@logica-digital.co.uk or 0114 551 9092.