Dan Jarvis, Mayor of the Sheffield City Region, said: “Social distancing measures are working. That’s why it’s the right thing to do to extend the lockdown period, to help protect the NHS and save lives.

“I know the current restrictions are tough for us all, and we are all trying hard to make the best of an incredibly challenging situation. But we will pull through by pulling together, like we have done in the past. These are temporary measures which will protect our communities and our future.

“We must also spare a thought for those who are being affected, in different ways, by the lockdown – such as the elderly and vulnerable who cannot leave the house at all; those living alone and who are lonely; families living in cramped accommodation with no outside space; and victims of domestic violence who find themselves in lockdown with their abuser.

“Each of us are being affected in different ways, and these challenges will continue as the lockdown period is extended. There is specialist help and support available, provided by a wide range of local organisations. If you need that help, please do reach out.

“We will beat this virus by maintaining our resolve and helping those on the front line of Coronavirus in the best way we can – by staying at home.”