Jason Martin, energy manager at Professional Energy Purchasing (PEP) shares insights into how businesses can plan for Net Zero, and how this will reduce long-term energy costs.

With the ongoing daily pressures businesses face, trying to reduce carbon emissions and plan for Net Zero can feel like a daunting task. Knowing where to start and how to understand what to do first can make business owners and managers quite literally put it on the back burner.

Unfortunately, with energy prices going through the roof over this last year and not showing signs of coming down any time soon, businesses should be putting energy management right at the top of their priority list. Reducing energy waste, become more efficient, and where possible generating onsite energy to reduce reliance on the grid is part of Net Zero carbon reduction planning, and it makes great business sense – win win.

Companies waste around 20 per cent of energy, mainly through out-dated systems and lighting, inefficient boilers and buildings, and poor employee behaviour.

Simple things like making sure staff switch off lights, computers and anything else that consumes energy when not needed will all add up.

An energy audit will help you to understand the steps you need to take to become more efficient, highlighting the savings you can make and any investment needed to get there with payback periods.

It will involve reviewing current and forecast energy consumption, evaluating operational activity including any energy intense machinery and when premises are unoccupied, and an in-depth assessment of all buildings including heating, lighting, roof structure, insulation and windows.

We also help businesses understand energy legislation and actively look for any grants and incentives to help with investment costs.

Our energy audits have been helping businesses across the region get to grips with their energy plans, and to prioritise what will make the biggest impact to them based on their individual circumstances.

One example has been Sheffield workwear provider Arden Winch. Following a thorough energy audit across their two buildings we produced a detailed report highlighting quick wins and longer-term investments that will take them on their carbon and energy reduction journey.

Steve from Arden Winch said: “Jason at PEP has supported us every step of the way with our energy-efficiency journey, providing us with endless opportunities to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

“He provided us with an in-depth report explaining what equipment needs upgrading and installing, the estimated costs with a five-year payback period, and future forecast savings. The findings could potentially save us 13.1 tonne of carbon per year and reduce our energy consumption by 33 per cent.”

Arden Winch have since worked with us to install an 84-panel solar solution which generates 19.410 kWh of electricity and will save approximately 4.6 tons of carbon every year.

Steve added: “The installation of the solar panels took only two days to install, and we were up and running instantly. The project was delivered on time, to the expected budget, and to an exceptionally high standard. We are excited about the 4.6 tons of carbon we will save annually, as well as the financial gains we will make of £3,833 per year once the investment has been paid back. This project is another step forward for us in reducing energy and helping us towards our Net Zero targets.”

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