The current episode of the unLTD podcast focuses on a real Sheffield icon – Park Hills flats. Producer James Marriott chats to Urban Splash about their incredible work regenerating the complex and bringing it back to life. unLTD’s Dan Laver also meets Jonny Briggs to find out about the Sheffield Digital Festival.

If you’ve not listened before, check it out. Just search in any podcast app for ‘unLTD’ and we’ll pop up.

Introducing: Sound Media

I’ve been working as a podcast strategist for a while now, helping businesses, brands and individuals to plan, launch, grow and develop a successful podcast. It’s been an exciting time for me as I’ve now taken things a step further and launched my own business, Sound Media.

I’m still doing the same things, working with clients, and will still be leading the unLTD podcast, but I have a couple of people in the team so we can offer a range of services including production, editing and even some design.

Find out more at and get in touch if you’d like to chat about what we offer.

Podcast Showcase

We have a newcomer onto the Sheffield podcasting scheme – the Site Gallery has launched its own five-part series to support its online season called Digital Realness.

The first episode features award-winning consultant and journalist Annalisa Toccara and gives us an interesting insight into her local and national activism among other things.

Premium Podcasts

Something we’ve long expected in podcast circles is finally here – premium podcast subscriptions.

Both Apple and Spotify have announced their own takes on it in the last few weeks.

Unsurprisingly, Apple take a bigger cut of whatever you charge, but offer a smoother process.

Since podcasts arrived 15 years ago, listening to them has almost entirely been free, with sponsorship and advertising the main routes to monetisation.

Subscribers in this new model might get ad-free versions of episodes, exclusive content, or be able to listen before anybody else.

It creates a new layer of potential for monetising podcasts.

2021 really is shaping into a huge year for podcasting.

If you’d like to find out how to launch, develop and grow a podcast for your business, get in touch. Just drop me a line at and we’ll get a good old chinwag in the diary!