A new digital agency Little Mesters Agency has launched in Sheffield.

Founded by Tom Scott, formerly of Umpf, Engage Interactive and Content OD, Little Mesters was inspired by a trip to a local museum.

Tom Scott, Founder and Head Mester, said: “A ‘Little Mester’ is a master crafter working on a specific part of a production process, mitigating the need to have all skills in house, so no more Jack of all trades but Mesters of one.

“We are bringing this concept into the digital age. If a client has a project, they go out and assemble the perfect team of Mesters to produce exactly what your project needs.

“The time has come for change. There has been a way of doing things that has now been exposed as inflexible and costly. We strongly believe that bespoke teams built on exactly your needs and only being used as and when you need them, is the way to work. Retainers and overage are out, projects and fair costs are in.”

The agency is already working with a number of clients on projects including social media, paid social, PPC, design, influencer marketing and more.

Little Mesters is also dedicating Tuesday afternoons to offer 45-minute leg-up sessions for free advice and guidance.