A new apprenticeship that will enable a wide range of people to start their careers in the city’s fastest growing industry is launching after a year of collaboration between The Sheffield College and local digital employers.

The new Software Developer Apprenticeship is now open for applicants who are excited about digital technology and want to learn how to create digital products and services.

The apprenticeship is suitable for people looking to return to work or change careers as well school and college leavers, and it has been designed to open up opportunities in digital to as many people as possible.

To help interested applicants find out if the programme is right for them, the College is holding a two-week Coding Skills Boot Camp at City campus, on Granville Road, starting on July 2nd.

During that time, applicants will get a taste of the industry by learning some new coding skills, working together on projects and interacting with local employers.

The apprenticeship then starts in September and takes two years to complete. Apprentices will earn and learn, working for an employer and being trained on the job by industry professionals.

They will also complete ten weeks of training at the College in one week blocks over the two years, earning an industry recognised certification as well as a Level 4 qualification (equivalent to the first year of a university degree).

To find out more, visit http://www.sheffcol.ac.uk/courses/software-developer-bootcamp or email jobconnect@sheffcol.ac.uk.