What does your company HQ say about you, your brand, your team?

We spend so much of our working lives at our business base that modern organisations are wising up to the need to ditch the traditional office and instead opt for dynamic, healthy and holistic workspaces.

Digitalisation, modern working practices and changes to company culture are seeing more and more businesses using space more efficiently, choosing ergonomic furniture, and putting in more leisure and lifestyle touches like break-out areas and, in some cases, even staff cafes.

Plus many organisations invite clients and potential partners for meetings, so it’s no wonder more and more are working out that first impressions count – and going for the workplace ‘wow’ factor.

Established in 1974, The DL Company has three generations of family, dedicated and loyal people behind the Brightside company which bills itself as the go-to for commercial interiors, from office furniture to full redesign and refurbishment.

Here we take an (envious) look at the workspace they created for Doncaster-based marketing company Keane Creative. 

The view from the designer

‘Inspiring and funky, modern and stylish’ was our brief and that was what we delivered,” said DL Managing Director Dan Lowe.

“MD Fiona Keane and team were moving into premises at the business park by Doncaster Sheffield Airport and had an empty first floor office space which was basic – standard carpet, suspended ceiling and so on.

“They wanted much more of an inspiring and funky feel to the place, befitting the nature of their company, so we visited the site, measured up, gave them some ideas on how to best use the space, and created an office plan and an outline to their brief.

“We brought in new furniture with matching lockers, a reception counter, stools and breakfast bar, and new flooring – the new vinyl floor has a concrete effect to give it that modern warehouse-y look.

“One of the key features was a new glass partition wall which created an office for Fiona, and a separate meeting room, as well as other highlights like the write-on wallpaper and the sit-stand desk.”

The view from the boss

Fiona Keane, MD Keane Creative, said: “The brief was to complete a modern, fresh and open plan work space that would work well for private meetings, informal meetings and team work planning. “We wanted something that was fresh, new and would provide a look and feel to last a few years without dating. Classis, modern, funky yet practical.

“The office has had much positive feedback, mainly from clients and prospects who see the result, quite different to most offices. The space is so light and airy that they often think we have air conditioning. The atmosphere is very much improved and the team have areas for quiet working, project planning and communal break-out time.

“We all love the office, however my favourite feature is my stand-up desk. It is amazing how much better I think when I am stood up and feel more energised. The breakfast bar area also allows team members to do the same thing – the ability to work in multiple areas and not just at one desk all day has improved productivity.

“DL were amazing from start to finish. They really helped me to visualise what the space could become, they thought of things that I would not have imagined. The office was not much larger and different to the one we moved from, but the two offices are worlds apart, you would think this new office is much bigger.

“It is so important to be happy at work and the environment is the starting point from which to grow.”

Product 1 – Write-on wallpaper 

Dan said: “A lot of open plan offices are choosing write-on wallpaper as it’s very good for impromptu meetings – staff can break out and scribble away spontaneously.

“It’s can be multi-functional as it can be magnetic, so staff aren’t just limited to pens. It’s a modern take on the flip chart – they can just grab a photo of whatever plans and projects they’ve been writing about on their smartphones or tablets, then share the pic with colleagues straight away.

“Plus we think people also like it because writing on walls makes them feel a bit naughty!”

Added Fiona: “The ability to discuss website projects by ‘writing on the wall’ has really helped us to visualise each project much better and allow each team member the option to add notes as we go along.”

Product box 2 – Sit stand desk 

Dan said: “These can be either electronically adjusted to sitting or standing height and are becoming increasingly popular with the news about sedentary lifestyles, how long we are sat at work and the impact on health and wellbeing. The concept doesn’t quite ring true for some people until they see it in action and its benefits – then it’s an ‘Ooh!’ moment and a case of ‘see it, want it’!

“We have some at our offices and people have come to see us and we’ve had orders straight from that visit, including from companies in traditional manufacturing industries who you wouldn’t necessarily think of as being early adopters of this product.”

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