One of Sheffield’s major sports venues has been recognised for its energy efficiency after it recorded its lowest-ever level of annual electricity consumption.

Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, in Sheffield city centre, was crowned the organisation’s most energy-efficient venue at the 20th annual SIV Awards ceremony, beating the likes of the English Institute of Sport Sheffield (EIS Sheffield), Concord Sports Centre, Hillsborough Leisure Centre and iceSheffield.

The venue came out on top after reducing its electricity consumption to the lowest annual level it has ever seen – 4.7 gigawatt hours. The reduction equates to an energy saving of 12% in 2018/19, and a cost saving of more than £60,000.

Ponds Forge’s timely award win comes as energy efficiency and climate change are brought firmly under the microscope by Clean Air Day, with several towns and cities across the UK holding events to highlight the need to find ways to improve air quality and energy efficiency.

The SIV awards ceremony recognised the organisation’s staff and partners, part of the not-for-profit Sheffield City Trust (SCT) for excellence in the field of customer service and contribution to the community across seven categories.

Andrew Snelling, Chief Executive at Sheffield City Trust, said: “We’re incredibly proud of the achievements of Ponds Forge, and indeed all of our venues.

“Our staff work hard to ensure that the facility is in the best shape for all those who use it, and that includes making it as energy efficient as possible.

“Years ago, together with our trustees we at SIV made a commitment to at least match the Government and EU 2020 climate and energy targets, with legislation calling for a 20% reduction in greenhouse gasses, a 20% increase in energy from renewables, and a 20% increase in energy efficiency, measured from a 2000 base date.

“SIV ticked all three of those boxes by 2017 – three years ahead of the 2020 deadline – and we have reduced our electricity consumption significantly across the group. Further targets have been set for 2030 and 2050.”

Other award winners on the night included EIS Sheffield as Venue of the Year, Chris Pictor as Employee of the Year, Nicky Twigg as Manager of the Year, Sheffield Ice Hockey Academy in the Business Partner of the Year category, SIVLive Business Development Team as Team of the Year and Angeline Bower in the Making a Difference Category.

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