We will all remember the ‘back-to-school’ worries we had when we were younger – the main worry being how to cope with the ever-growing workload after your well-needed time off.

Although the business world is ever so slightly different – despite our concerns upon our return there always seems to be a renewed feeling of motivation and capability after the summer holidays – to begin with anything seems plausible. You can sit down at your desk and think “right let’s get back down to business”.

At colloco we always see a leap on enquiries to new business premises in September and October. Enquiries from managed businesses tend to come in early in September, with the larger corporate organisations taking a little longer due to the board meeting decision-making cycle.

If you’re now sat at your desk, chewing the lid of your pen and contemplating whether your business needs to move or stay put, there’s no harm in seeking further advice from an expert or two. It’s just like being back at school and sticking your hand up to ask for help.

Commercial property experts like us can be your teacher, help answer your questions and guide you along your journey. Be it disposal of your existing property, acquiring a new one or just need a helping hand, our hand is reached out to you. On a totally confidential basis, our aim is to make sure you, your business and your employees make the right decision all round.

As one of Sheffield’s most active commercial property agents we are currently in a highly beneficial position where we have retained office space on behalf of Today Translations. Due to our clients already having access to their headquarters in London they are looking to expand their base in Sheffield. Ideally, they are aiming to accommodate both the company’s office with the welcoming addition of some residential accommodation in the midst of the Sheffield City Centre.

Previously we have been involved in a cross-section of deals ranging from developing and letting the somewhat ‘boutique’ spaces such as Park Hill and Krynkl to larger scale Grade A offices in Sheffield City Centre. Take Acero at the cutting-edge Digital Campus as a prime example – you can do your homework on this in the Focus On feature in this edition of unLTD.

We have recently announced that after ten years of being unoccupied, half of the office premises at 32 Eyre Street have been let by our client Makepeace Investments, after being the subject of a £4m investment taking the form of an extensive renovation programme. With the ever-increasing lack of quality office space in Sheffield it is encouraging to see that businesses are addressing this issue.

Speaking of developments, we have also helped clients rebuild distinctive types of businesses across the city which has given us a wealth of experience and contacts. This year we have worked closely with numerous local businesses and gave them a helping hand along their property journey. Such businesses include accountants, creative agencies, manufacturing and distribution companies and public sector organisations, as well as new start up’s. So, what does this involve I hear you ask?

  • Establishing the businesses requirements from a property and/or a location to allow their business to develop and grow
  • Going out and sourcing the acquired space
  • Negotiating terms and delivering the results which the business needs

After all that, if you’re interested in finding out more about what’s been mentioned, than we’d be more than happy to meet you for an initial chat, no pressure and no instant commitment. Good luck with being back at school – just remember we would be pleased to help you with your first piece of property homework!