When a firm is facing rapid growth, system reliability is crucial – over to the team at Central Technology to tell us how they helped award-winning Pacifica Group

CT began working with Pacifica Group – one of the UK’s leading providers of home services, which includes electrical appliance repair and maintenance, boiler installation, renewable energy and product warranty solutions – in 2007.

Employing more than 480 members of staff, Pacifica Group also operates largescale warehousing and distribution centres to support its field based 250-strong engineering workforce with the parts and equipment required for domestic repair and maintenance works which the firm carries out across the country. Pacifica Group’s sophisticated and accurate warehouse management software systems ensure next day delivery and minimal returns, as well as online tracking and time delivery facilities.

Because of Pacifica Group’s rapid growth, system reliability is crucial – IT downtime is expensive and potentially damaging to the firm’s reputation for excellence.  The firm needed an IT system that would support them in their future goals ensuring a resilient IT system is in place that is easy to maintain, monitor and is importantly scalable.

The in-depth strategic review allowed CT to work with Pacifica Group to fully understand its business plans going forward, planned changes and identifying areas in the IT system that required improvement.

This allowed CT to produce a review which detailed the current risks identified and the potential impact to the plans for the future, the review was then used to formulate a road map detailing short, medium- and long-term projects to build the platform required. Due to the bespoke nature of some of the systems used by Pacifica Group, CT worked with Dell to arrange loan hardware to carry out a proof of concept to ensure the investment planned would provide the expected benefits allowing Pacifica Group to be confident they were making the correct investment.

The strategic engagement project provided Pacifica Group with a clear plan and budget and the confidence to know their IT system will support them in providing the excellent level of customer service on which their strong industry reputation is based.

Kevin Brown, Group Managing Director of Pacifica Group, said: “CT has been a trusted long term partner for Pacifica Group. By carrying out this review, we have built on this and created a clear plan to build an IT system that is designed to meet our demands over the next five years.

“We can be confident that, by carrying out this exercise, we have pro-actively identified and mitigated potential risks giving us re-assurance in terms of data security and system availability.”

More than just an IT provider, at CT we pride ourselves on partnering with our clients, getting to know your business and then devising solutions that perfectly match your needs.

If you would like to meet for an informal chat to see how an IT review could help you future proof your business, then please do give one of the team here at CT a ring on 01246 266 130.