Sheffield City Centre went all retro when ReadyMart took to the streets in a horse and cart to increase awareness of local suppliers and emphasise traditional values and low-cost transport.

Environmentally focused, friendly and convenient, ReadyMart is an online hub for supermarket owners and shoppers to connect and coordinate ‘click and collect’ home delivery for busy shoppers. So, to stress their foundations, ReadyMart went back to basics as their deliveries were made around Sheffield.

Founder of ReadyMart, Mazen Musaeed explains: “When people buy from a local business, they are not helping a CEO buy a 3rd holiday home. They are helping a little girl get music or language lessons, a little boy get his team jersey and mums and dads put food on the table.”

ReadyMart quickly expanded to include Maged, Mazen’s brother, who is currently completing a Law degree at University of Sheffield, and Fran Ruiz Partida, who moved to Sheffield from Spain to follow his entrepreneurial passions. They are working within the Cooper Project at the Sheffield Technology Park, a business start-up hub established by Sheffield City Council to help generate new entrepreneurial businesses in the area.