Sales Strategy by Steve Knapp, The Sales Mindset Coach

Columnist and author Steve calls for a top-down culture change

Did you know that a company might have the most dynamic sales department in the world but could still be doomed to failure?

The reason is regularly down to the lack of a ‘sales culture’ across the company.

To be really successful a ‘sales mindset’ needs to be adopted by each and every department – they all need to be working towards a common goal.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say your sales team is doing really well, they are exceeding all their targets – business is booming. But the accounts team are not keeping up with the increased need to invoice/credit check and therefore the money is not coming into your bank accounts fast enough. Result – your sales team are disillusioned because accounts are not being set up quick enough to start trading.

In another scenario, the purchasing team have not been informed of the latest sales drive and therefore have not placed the necessary supply orders that will be required to increase production.

And so the list goes on and on.

To have true success every person within an organisation needs to be putting sales at the top of their agenda – regardless of whether they are part of the sales team itself.

I encourage you to stand back and take a good long look at your business to understand your own sales culture.

What’s your sales turnover? Are the figures consistent month on month, or do they fluctuate? Are there any external reasons for fluctuations, for example seasonality, or are the differences solely attributable to the success (or otherwise) of your sales team?

How do your various teams or departments interact? Is there rivalry (or worse) between different sectors within your business? Are the accounts team seen as ‘blockers’ by the sales force or the sales team seen as being ‘pushy’ or ‘arrogant’ by the rest of the company?

Look also at your own behaviours, your own values and beliefs. Do you treat departments differently? What are your own feelings about sales? Do you love sales but feel you have nothing in common with accounts (or vice versa)? Or do you hate it?

Examining your business and yourself should help to determine not only what sort of sales culture you currently have but also what your overall company culture is.

There is a school of thought that says businesses should be driven from the bottom upwards. But while engaging everyone within a company is absolutely vital, at the end of the day the reality is it’s the leadership team that really shapes culture and ethos. In other words, you need to drive culture change from the top down.

The smaller your business, the faster you can implement change.

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