Jay Bhayani, managing director of Sheffield’s niche HR, employment law and health and safety firm, Bhayani HR & Employment Law, is delighted to announce the firm’s expansion into Leicester, where it has opened a new office in the city centre.

Founder of the firm, Jay, who has worked as an employment solicitor for 25 years, grew up in Leicester after coming to England with her family from Uganda in the early 70s as economic migrants. After attending university in Hull, she settled in Yorkshire after securing a training contract with a law firm.  She set up Bhayani HR & Employment Law six years ago in Sheffield, where it already enjoys a strong reputation.  The firm, which now employs 13 people, has recently expanded into Leeds and London and was looking for a further challenge elsewhere.

Jay says: “Leicester seemed like a logical move to me. My roots are in Leicester and I have lots of connections there, so what better place? It’s a vibrant, cosmopolitan city full of fantastic entrepreneurial spirit and many great businesses that we feel would benefit from our HR, employment and health and safety services as well as our unique, straight forward, fixed fee package, Watertight. I’m very excited to reconnect with the region and make new friends and business allies there.”

Keen to find the right person to head the new office, Jay is delighted to have taken on Leicester local, Keith Brown.  Keith has several years’ experience of delivering professional support services to businesses and is excited about offering Bhayani HR & Employment Law’s distinct service to the business community in Leicester.  Keith says: “It’s fantastic to be offering this new service in Leicester and I have to say that I’m delighted that, so far, the reception has been very warm and encouraging.”

You can contact Jay on 0114 303 2300 or by email at jay@bhayanilaw.co.uk  You can find out more about Bhayani HR & Employment Law at www.bhayanilaw.co.uk