Social networks are pushing us toward video in our personal lives and with our businesses. Adam Farrell, a commercial video producer from Rotherham, tells unLTD why he suggests you put in the work before you get on camera.

There’s a reason video is so popular – it communicates quickly, effectively and honestly. Video allows you to show more of your personality than the written word and imagery can. Think of video not like a chore, but as a time investment that will pay for itself. In a few seconds, a well-planned piece of video content can communicate a lot about you, your business and what you want your customers to know.

Planning is the key. There’s nothing wrong with documenting your every move, but a lot of us have to knuckle down and get the day job done somewhere. Take time to consider what will work for you and who you want to connect with. You don’t need to be Stanley Kubrick, but you should know what you want to film before you record a second of footage.

Video can be engaging, but it does take work and every video should serve a purpose.

There are a lot of channels for your content and they won’t all be the right place to find your customers. Consider where you want to use your footage and what you want it do.

Facebook is still considered a consumer platform, but there is a strong B2B presence who share ideas and get to know one another. I use Facebook groups to network and get to know other business owners and I style my content appropriately, using it to have a conversation with potential customers. The good old ‘walk and talk’ video still works nicely, but plan what you are going to say and make sure you feel comfortable when you record.

On LinkedIn, video content draws in views and a little creativity can make a big impact. LinkedIn is just as much a social platform as Instagram and being professional doesn’t mean writing 1,000 words that nobody reads. Around 10 seconds is probably plenty, but it needs to be an effective 10 seconds.

Your content can lean into the aspects of your business that make you stand out. If you have a product, let people see it in action. Show, don’t tell.

If your product is you, your team and your skills, let people see you and demonstrate your expertise. If you don’t like speaking to camera, show yourselves at work, delivering for your clients and add a voiceover or captions to provide context.

Take the time to conceive, plan and edit your video content. Even if your style is relaxed, you can use tools that make video creation less of a chore. I often recommend InShot Video Editor to my clients as a phone app that can polish simple footage into something that looks a lot prettier.

When I work with clients, I spend more time learning about their business, their customers and what they do best than I ever do leaning over them with my filming equipment. We offer solutions that let us get to know the people we work with and it lets us develop a strategy that builds video into your marketing plans each and every month, creating content that shows you at your best. Our monthly plans also mean that the cost of entry is lower and you can start producing great content immediately.

Shooting from the hip and getting your content out there quickly, but video content should always represent you and your business in your best light. Don’t be tempted to produce content for the sake of it. Take time, think about how you want to be seen, and plan everything out before you consider pressing that red button!

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