Members of the Siemens PLM Sheffield branch attended the 7th Develop3D Live to showcase the latest design review product SLIPSTREAM.

Sales and Marketing Manager Ben Widdowson provided an in-depth presentation on SLIPSTREAM, delving into its capabilities and how it is catering to challenges automotive design teams are facing.

“We see Slipstream as a game changing way for design teams to reduce costs, save time and get their products to market faster,” he said. “In speaking to many of the major automotive design studios, they tell us that they’re spending one man day per week manually preparing data for design reviews. It struck us as a crazy amount of time spent on a monotonous task, which could be done automatically, freeing up time for the designers to focus on creating and reviewing new design themes.”

Based in the Hillsborough, the Sheffield team work in collaboration with multiple global automotive companies to process complex 3D CAD data for stunning Virtual Reality experiences through SLIPSTREAM.

Their most recent project is in collaboration with Hackrod – a company born from the American ‘hot-rod’ culture. Hackrod aims to empower consumers to be the designer and allow them to manufacture the car of their dreams. ‘La Bandita’ acts as their proof of concept of a built-to-order car becoming a reality.

For the past four years, Hackrod have been developing the use of VR, AI and industrial 3D printing as part of their mission to change transport design. Through the gamification of engineering, consumers will be able to design ready-to-order vehicles in stunning high-quality VR, powered by Unreal Engine.

Felix Holst, Chief Product Officer at Hackrod, said: “The Hackrod vision is based on the democratization of design and manufacturing, the idea that it will be as easy to configure the mobility solution of your dreams as easily as playing a video game. One of our greatest challenges is to manipulate heavy manufacturing data in a lightweight consumer facing environment. SLIPSTREAM helps us to do this beautifully and clears one of our final hurdles as we follow our mantra of ‘game to garage’….on our quest to make the consumer creator in the automotive space.”