Barnsley College Graphic Design student Spencer Hughes has been selected to exhibit his artwork at the Origins Creative Arts Festival at the Truman Brewery in London this July.

The Origins Creative Arts Festival is organised by the UAL Awarding Body and provides art lovers, critics and industry professionals from the creative sector the chance to meet original 14-18 creative talent from across the UK. The festival promises a unique first look at the as-yet-unseen future stars of the creative scene from UK schools and FE institutions taking pre-degree creative arts subjects such as Creative Media, Music and Performing Arts to Art, Graphic Design and Fashion.

18-year-old Spencer’s graphic work, titled Anonymous Secrets Mental Health Awareness, explores anonymous posts on the internet that can lead to mental health issues and caught the attention of the UAL Awarding Body’s curators from over 360 submissions they received for the festival.

Ross Anderson, Director of the UAL Awarding Body, said: “Origins Creative Arts Festival offers students the significant opportunity to exhibit their work. It gives them a moment in time where they can experience what it is like to be an arts professional.”

Spencer added: “At a time where mental health is taking precedence, I felt it imperative that I not only created something experimental and modern, but also informative. It was important to me that I made use of my final major project to convey a practical message, speaking out about mental health in my design language. I have the Barnsley College tutors, Paul Harris and Jade Jenkinson, to thank for their support and encouragement along my journey into new beginnings. We can all benefit from sharing knowledge and experience in the emotive subject of mental health awareness.”

The Origin Creative Arts Festival is open to the public at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 July. The festival is expected to attract thousands of visitors over the three days, with the programme including an awards event to select the top work across each subject area, guest speakers, and performance tie-ins with Barbican Box.