Logica Digital help businesses grow by optimising their online lead generation and sales activities. Mark Skinner, director, explains the importance of digital marketing for your business.

Why is digital marketing crucial for business success?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a multi-million-pound business or a small/local business, digital marketing should be something you’re investing in.

If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy, you
could be missing out on potential target customers who have no way to find
your brand, products, or services online but who are searching for exactly what you can offer.

Here are four reasons why digital marketing is essential for your business:

1: Your customers are online

In January 2022, it was reported that 58.4 per cent of internet users purchased a product or service online (Smart Insights). Modern customers are using online methods to research so if you’re not utilising digital marketing channels, you could be missing out on opportunities to reach more customers.

Being visible when potential customers are searching online is essential for engaging with them and influencing their purchase decisions by providing valuable information. You need to deliver content in their moments of need through SEO, social media, and paid search.

2: Attract more qualified leads

When you run a traditional advert, you have limited control over who will see it. You can make an educated guess based on the demographic of a neighbourhood (billboards) or typical viewers (television) but it’s usually a shot in the dark.

Digital marketing allows you to target a specific audience and provide personalised messaging. Social media advertising allows you to target your audience based on factors such as age, location, interests, and behaviours so you know who is likely to see your ads, where they will see them and when. This means that the people who see them are more likely to be interested in what you’re offering and, as a result, more likely to click through or make a purchase.

3: Compete with bigger brands

If you run a small business, it’s difficult to get your brand seen and to compete with large brands that have millions to spend on adverts and huge campaigns.

Digital marketing provides plenty of opportunities to compete with your larger competitors. For example, finding keywords with lower competition and creating optimised content will allow you to appear above your competitors.

You can track and measure your success, so you’ll know exactly what your return on investment is for a particular campaign.

4: Measure ROI

Digital marketing allows you to see how you’re spending your budget, what’s working, what isn’t and the returns you’ve received for a particular campaign. You can see the immediate results of your campaigns so you can manage them in real-time to make sure they’re as effective as possible.

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