Our columnist Helen explains how coaching can get you the results you need.

How Coaching Can Help Your Business

Is it coaching? Is it consultancy? Is it mentoring? Is it business support?

Well in our opinion, you can honestly define it however you want because it’s the results that we create that we focus on. And let’s face it, it’s results that you want, not an English language cross examination.

When we talk about coaching though, here are two things we have said before and we will certainly say again:

  • Coaching works
  • Coaching is personal to the individual

So, how do we incorporate these two factors and help you with results in your business?

NB: your results are also individual to you as your business isn’t identical to any other across the region and your goal and objective setting isn’t (or shouldn’t be) an off the shelf approach but allow us to share some of the key benefits that all businesses experience which in turn create results.

Key benefits:

Allows and encourages positive communication amongst staff and employees

Communication may happen and let’s face it we are living in a world full of communication but there’s no guarantee that its constructive, helpful or effective for any of your team or client base.

Do you make time for actual verbal conversations anymore?

Is your industry changing and do you need to be more active in a certain comms approach?

When was the last time you allowed staff to generate ideas and suggestions for the company?

Identifies challenges and frustrations

As individuals within a team and collectively as a team, there are challenges and frustrations. No one is immune! It’s not the immunity that you seek for your business but the allowance of expression and then the importance on the solution finding and application.

Allows for personal responsibility and overall accountability

All staff can understand their role as part of fuelling the engine room of the business. With that there is emphasis on personal responsibility through self-awareness and personal growth to enhance the bigger picture and positive momentum.

When everyone is involved and particularly via a third party, accountability is at its all-time highest. There is nowhere to hide, or pass the book – not that fully motivated, empowered staff would want to!

No key areas we work on in coaching are mutually exclusive, they all interweave and perpetuate in a constructive or destructive nature. It’s our job to assist you out of destructive territory and into a harmonious tune. This is the desirable and much needed outcome for a business, whether there are three members in the team or 200.

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We look forward to helping you win.