Sheffield-based B. Braun Medical Ltd is reporting record sales and healthy profits despite ‘doubt’ posed by Brexit.

In the company’s last financial year (January 2018 -December 2018) B. Braun’s UK Group sales grew to £194 million.

Employees at the leading healthcare company, which has its HQ at Thorncliffe Park in Chapeltown, also grew to over 1400.

Chairman and Group Chief Executive at B. Braun, Hans Hux, said: “We’re very proud of our work over the past 12 months. Our sales figures continue to increase, despite the additional costs and uncertainty Brexit is creating for businesses operating in the UK.

“We continue to invest in our staff and we have also created new employment nationally. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our strong, hard-working team and I’d like to thank everyone for their effort over the last year.

“2019 has already got off to a great start and I’m excited to say we’ll soon be unveiling our newly expanded, state-of-the-art Compounding Aseptic Production Service (CAPS) unit in Sheffield, too.”

Some of the key growth areas for the B. Braun business in the last year include our patient physio app allowing orthopaedic patients to be discharged on the same day of surgery, EinsteinVision 3D camera system to improve the hand-eye coordination of surgeons, and NRFit to help reduce the risk of misconnections in regional anaesthesia, to name but a few!

As part of the global B. Braun group, B. Braun in the UK is a leader in key market areas including computer navigated orthopaedic surgery, needle safety technology, surgical instrumentation, sterile technology and disinfection and hygiene.

The company supports both the private and public sectors, working with the National Health Service (NHS) to improve patient outcomes and to help the NHS to continue to become more innovative and productive, achieving efficiency savings and making better use of the resources available.