I’d like to think that the magazine we publish every month is very good and people enjoy reading the articles which have been laid out in an engaging way by our design team.

Our writers work hard to ensure all the information in unLTD is accurate and up to date as well being an easy read.

What we do isn’t rocket science, but I think we do it well and there is a fair amount of expertise that each and every member of our team lends to the production of unLTD.

However, I still feel a pang or envy when I meet certain people who are clearly high achievers in their chosen profession.

Recently I attended the Mayoral Transport Conference at Rotherham United’s New York Stadium which was hosted by Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis. The great and the good from the public and private sectors were there but by far and away the most impressive person was cycling legend Chris Boardman.

Interviewed on stage by Professor Steve Haake, former Olympic gold medalist Boardman, who is now Cycling and Walking Commissioner for Greater Manchester, spoke effortlessly about his plans over the Pennines to make moving around for work or pleasure far easier.

Alongside him was Dame Sarah Storey, herself a decorated Paralympian who is Boardman’s opposite number for the Sheffield City Region.

Dame Sarah and Boardman look to have a good relationship and hopefully the best practice that Boardman is putting in place in Greater Manchester will find its way here.

She is supremely competitive and it will be interesting as the months progress to see not only how quickly Dame Sarah and the SCR catch up with Boardman and co but who comes out on top in the cycling race between Dame Sarah and Dan Jarvis versus Boardman and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham!

I wouldn’t bet against our team.