It is very hard to write a regular column in a business magazine and avoid Brexit, but thus far I have managed to do so.

I have no intention of discussing it here this month as the situation changes so quickly and the amount of information and mis-information is so great that only a fool would confidently predict what will happen next, never mind how it will pan out into the future.

For what it’s worth I have always been very comfortable with the result of the referendum in 2016 and my attendance at an event a few weeks ago reinforced my confidence in the local business community.

The event was hosted at Rotherham United’s New York Stadium and the subject was the Sheffield City Region’s Quarterly Economic Review.

More than 100 businesses operating throughout the region were there, and the event also featured a special presentation by Jenny Lawson of Enterprise Europe Network who provided a briefing and update on Brexit, before joining a panel discussion featuring William Beckett, Chair of the International Trade Forum, Neil MacDonald, Chair of SCR Business Growth Board and Jayne Mezulis, Export & Import Consultancy Services by EICS.

As you’d expect there were varying degrees of optimism and pessimism expressed by all the panellists but the one thing they all agreed on was that business would knuckle down and get on with anything that was thrown our way.

And that is really what I wanted this column to be about.

Businesses and business people find their way through problems, they overcome challenges and they seize opportunities.

What they can’t stand is indecision, uncertainty and needless amounts of red tape. And that is where the politicians come in.

I’ve no doubt that the vast majority of people who go into politics do so to make, in their own opinion, a positive difference. But quite often they just get in the way and there’s often a feeling that they think they know best.

Businesses and the people that run them are resourceful. Sometimes the best help is allowing business some space to just get on with the job.

Sunnier days ahead after January blues

I wonder how many people will check the calendar just to make sure it’s still not January. Despite it being a standard 31 days why does January seem to last forever?

Anyway, we’re through it now and before we know it February will have been and gone in a flash and the spring will be upon us. Happy days.

Social event set to be on the money again

Speaking of February, this month will see the third of our unLTD Social events at Virgin Money at the top of Fargate in Sheffield city centre.

So far we have had some excellent speakers and some lively discussions. The forthcoming social on Thursday, February 7 from 4-6pm promises to be equally as good with Abi Golland, founder Street Food Chef, and Rob Cole, managing director of Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens, set to be our star turns.

If you want find out more email me or