Lucinda White is the founder of Pure Awards, an awards consultancy working with companies throughout the Sheffield City Region since 2005. Lucinda has a wealth of experience and here she shares some of her top tips to help hopeful entrants put in an entry for the re-vamped Sheffield Business Awards.

Tip #1 What’s your story?

This is the backbone of any great award entry and the part that will sway the judges in your direction. Your story is unique to your business, so if something exciting has happened, and you are passionate about it, start by writing it all down. Who, what, why, when, where, how…

Tip #2 Choose the right category

It is important to ensure the category you go for aligns with your story. It might not be just one either so be prepared to get typing! Make sure the category can be promoted as a key asset to your business marketing once you have been shortlisted or won and that it resonates with your prospective customer base.

Tip #3 Avoid waffle and jargon

It is important to be clear about the messages you want to convey. Be insightful, impactful and draw out the emotion to engage the judges and help them understand how great you are. Avoid acronyms, jargon and too many adjectives. You only have a set number of words to explain why you should win, so you need to be concise.

Tip #4 Answer the question

Obvious! Right? Wrong –
many companies are still not doing what is asked of them. Break the category criteria down and be sure what you write is relevant and shows how you demonstrate each point.

Tip #5 Evidence everything

Make sure you have facts, figures, and statistics to evidence every bold statement you make. Delve further into the impact you have made
and ask yourself, how does this compare to my competition?

Tip #6 Make time

Don’t underestimate how long it takes to write your entry. You need to set aside approximately six to 12 hours to put an entry and your supporting material together, especially if this is your first one.

Tip #7 Become the editor in chief

Check and re-check – spelling, grammar, punctuation, word count, proof reading, and formatting. It is important and you don’t want to mess this opportunity up by presenting it in a way which confuses the judges. Use the guidance given and don’t be afraid to get help if you need it.

Tip #8 Use the Check and Send Service

For just £99 per entry, you can have your ‘almost ready entry’ reviewed professionally by Pure Awards before it is submitted to the judges. Turnaround in 48 hours – but be prepared for teacher’s red pen!


“Thank you so much Lucinda for pulling all of this together. We could not have done it without you! You certainly have a knack for presenting our achievements in such an enjoyable read to us. You made the process so easy and managed to get right under the skin of our business without us even noticing. And the results… Well, WE WON!”
Natalia Pope, Yes Tax

If you need additional support, contact Lucinda direct to discuss writing services.

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