In this month’s issue, we have a quick debrief from Emma Conroy, MD of Sheffield-based recruitment consultancy Inclusive Consulting, who aim to put their staff at the heart of their business.

What inspired you to start the business?

I wanted to create a recruitment business that truly puts people and not ‘a fee’ at the heart of what we do.

There’s a reason we’re called Inclusive Consulting, and that’s because it was always my goal to cultivate a company that offers growth, progression and opportunity to each and every member of our team. Our people, our values, and our dedication to getting it right is what makes Inclusive a trusted recruitment partner for now and the future.

I wanted to create a truly consultative company that offers long-term support, guidance and expertise both to companies and professionals.

Here at Inclusive, we pride ourselves on our personal, tailored approach. We live and breathe our values of care, commitment and courage in everything we do, and this is ultimately what has led us to becoming a disruptive force in the recruitment sector, offering long-term solutions and approaches to both help people in their career goals and to ensure our clients attract and, most importantly, retain their top talent.

How do you differ from other recruitment agencies?

Our values and more importantly, our people. I am incredibly proud to work with a highly talented team that share the same values and ethics that I do.

Inclusive Consulting
Emma Conroy, MD of Inclusive Consulting

Career moves are often one of the biggest decisions we make in our lives, and we recognise the importance of getting it right. We work with individuals to understand their aspirations, and to make sure that everything we do is with their goals at the forefront of our minds.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to recruitment, and a fundamental part of our outlook is to ensure that we tailor our approach and service to suit every company and individual that we partner with.

Everyone at Inclusive recognises that attracting the right people to your organisation is only one step in the journey, and being able to keep your people motivated and engaged is just as important to the success of any company. We set ourselves apart as a true partner to our candidates and clients, offering coaching for teams, leaders and individuals to ensure continual development and progress.

We’re hugely passionate about equity, diversity and inclusion and provide training and coaching in these areas. The team at Inclusive have all been trained in subconscious bias and impartial recruitment practices to ensure that our clients are always presented with the very best candidates.

Do you help your clients retain staff as well as find new ones?

Absolutely! Retaining staff is an essential aspect to the success of any company and is an aspect of the career lifecycle that is often overlooked by recruiters. Throughout my time recruiting in the region, I recognised that many businesses were going through the same recruitment cycles, which is disruptive and costly.

“I wanted to create a business that can assist them in retaining talent by looking at the bigger picture of workplace culture. That’s why we offer tailored consultancy around EDI, mentoring, coaching and employer branding.”

Retaining great people not only requires patience and diligence, but also the right skills and expertise to create, recognise and communicate your Employer Value Proposition. Our aim at Inclusive Consulting is to collaborate with our clients not just on their recruitment journey, but also to partner with them on how to retain their best people. Whether that be through career coaching, employer branding projects, or team building and executive level courses, Inclusive Consulting can ensure that our clients attract and retain their people.

Recruitment agencies often have their finger on the pulse of the success of their clients, does the local economy seem to be holding strong in your eyes?

Luckily, our local economy is fuelled by good old Yorkshire grit, so I definitely think it’ll hold strong!

Many senior professional and business leaders that we speak with would all agree that the last four years has been an incredibly steep learning curve in terms of navigating businesses through varying challenges, whether that be the pandemic and its aftermath, or current economical challenges. However, the businesses we’re seeing that have successfully navigated these challenging times are those that have ensured they have the best people and best ways of working that they can offer.

We’re incredibly privileged here at Inclusive to be partnered with forward-thinking companies who recognise that innovation is an essential aspect of remaining strong through challenging times. Innovative approaches to hiring and retaining talent mean that our clients are succeeding in the face of economical challenges.

Undeniably, there are some sectors that are still facing challenges and I think it’s really important during these times for local business communities and leaders to come together, share best practice to ensure a successful and resilient local economy.

Any advice for people looking for quality candidates to help them make good hiring decisions?

Absolutely: successful companies are diverse companies. It’s always good to think of any new hire as a ‘culture add’ as opposed to ‘culture fit’. Think about what qualities that person can bring to your team that you don’t currently have. Skillset, qualifications and expertise are relatively simple aspects to qualify, but a great employee will be one who can bring a fresh perspective to your team.

Looking for a great candidate is only half the battle, and in today’s market it’s just as important to position yourself as a desirable employer. We’re currently in a candidate-driven market and this has meant that in the war for talent, those organisations with an attractive culture that offers genuine progression and opportunity to their employees are those that successfully attract and retain the best people.

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