Around 400 children are expected to turn up to see the work of Active Fusion in action at the Active Fusion Festival of Sport on Friday, July 5th at the English Institute of Sport (EIS) in Sheffield.

The event takes place from 9:30am to 3pm with more than 400 children coming from schools across Doncaster and South Yorkshire to take part in a festival of sporting activities on the spectacular EIS indoor track and other brilliant facilities.

The children have all been allocated a country to represent.

The event is designed for young people to experience sports they might not otherwise have the opportunity to try and most of all, is about having fun and getting active.

Active Fusion coach Martin Stirling organises the event every year.

He said: “Organising the Active Fusion Festival of Sport is one of the highlights of my year.

“It’s great to see the schools we work with all come together to celebrate their pupils being active. It makes us all feel fantastic knowing we are providing unique and exciting oppurtunity, we are creating possitive habits for life and giving children chance to find something they love to participate in.

“Pupils are in for a jam-packed day of traditional track events alongside a massive range of physical activity games including dancing, parachute games, problem solving activities and more. We can’t wait to see everyone there!”

Director of Active Fusion, Lindsy James, said: “The Active Fusion Festival of Sport has been running since 2016. It is our biggest and best physical activity event and truly is a celebration of young people having fun being physically active.

“It’s a pleasure to see young people all of all backgrounds and abilities trying out different physical activities, representing their school to be the best they can be.”