Property investment strategist Rochelle Gilburn says LinkedIn has become more than just a sales platform – and explains how the ‘LinkedIn community’ has helped her in both life and business

LinkedIn used to be about showing off your CV to perspective employers. You’d add the people you knew in real life and reject the requests from anyone who wasn’t a recruiter. And people very rarely posted unless it was to sell you something.

Times have changed and so has LinkedIn.

Lockdown has spoilt the fun of real-life networking events, but we still have LinkedIn – one of the best places to meet new people.

It’s become a fun place to hang out and you can easily get lost down that rabbit hole of interesting posts. Of course, there are a few people out to spoil it who we like to call the LinkedIn police. They hang around telling anyone who dare post about something that isn’t business related, “This is not Facebook”.

But we don’t want to see the same old sales posts being regurgitated every day. We want to get to know you. At the end of the day, people buy from people.

I post about everything from the difficulties I have after losing my husband, to the latest audio book I’m listening to, I can even get quite political at times. Then I throw in the odd business post.

I was shocked when one of my posts got over 10,000 likes and reached over 500,000 people. I didn’t think it was anything special, I was just sharing a simple story of how my little boy’s teacher had asked if I would mind him making a Father’s Day card and who would I like him to write it to. I’d explained that even though his Daddy was in heaven, I felt quite comfortable for him to write it to Daddy and put it up next to his photo in our living room.

The post exploded and I had thousands of people visiting my profile and the connection requests were going mad. I received lots of messages of support but also messages from people wanting to do business with me.

The support among the LinkedIn community is massive and I have really felt that over the last few months.

I sometimes think I’ve overshared. I don’t mean to make people feel emotional, I don’t do it for sympathy, but I do want them to feel inspired.

To see that we are capable of anything we put our mind to, even under the most difficult of circumstances.

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