“Supporting businesses across the UK one community at a time.”

Those who are ready to grow, even in hard times, need partners and mentorship. Savants’ people-first approach means small business owners get to meet the team that has their back, not just a well-branded business name.

Recently appointed Regional Director for Yorkshire & Humber Jamie Baggaley caught up with us to explain what Savants’ can offer SMEs in the area.

Savants has the combined knowledge and resources to get UK businesses through any challenge, even the pandemic. They are the team every SME needs at their back.

With access to over 200+ lenders across the UK Savants have ensured that SMEs have the right financing support. They also provide mentorship and meaningful expert business support, which offers management the ability to improve performance, solve problems without the guesswork, and craft a custom growth plan, with full financial backing.

And in extreme cases where insolvency is involved, Savants launched a campaign titled “Think Insolvency. Think Savants.” Those who partner with the team, experience an “arm around business” approach that evaluates today’s challenges, determines custom solutions, and ushers the organisation through optimum outcomes, no matter the scenario.

With their finger on the pulse of UK retail, tourism, and hospitality, it is good to know SMEs now have real coaches in their corner. When your SMEs gain the insight of Savants’ mentors, they are gaining real leadership – something nice to hear during current business conditions.

The Partner You Need for Recovery, Growth, and Resilience One Community at a Time

Some of the heavyweight champions that will fight for their client’s business as if it were their own includes Jamie Baggaley, the National Director of Savants Finance, Andrew Dixon, Savants’ National Director Retail/Regional Director South East, Savants Regional Director, Andrew Carter, and others. Together, this all-star team provides the needed support and mentorship through a suite of services designed to re-think and kickstart new pandemic-relevant business models.

“It’s great to be able to support more businesses in our local area. COVID-19 has put a strain on many businesses and being able to meet local businesses and support them with their business plans is great” says Jamie, “with my experience being in finance we’ve seen during the pandemic businesses struggle to get the support they need and not know where to turn. But having the support and expertise of Savants’ now mean businesses have a partner that can help.”

Andrew Anthony Managing Director for Savants UK said: “We are delighted to be expanding our consultancy force into more areas of the UK to provide expert support to SMEs.

“We’ve 150 years of experience offering expert business advise to operators when they need it most.”

What service can savants’ offer?

Business Start-up – Kick start campaign

If you are thinking about or recently set up business, then our kick start service enables businesses to get up and running and off to a flying start. From having a business consultant working with you to support with website, digital marketing, and social media our package enables you to get everything up and running as quickly as possible

Our consultants will help to formulate strategy and support implementation whilst creating a robust business plan enabling your new venture to grow, develop and ultimately
reach your desired goals.

Business Consultancy

From sales strategy through to monthly fin ancial planning our business consultants are on hand to work with your business and help your business to grow.  It could be looking at cost improvements, strategic project work or finance director support. We will work with you to create the right consultancy package for your business needs.

Our projects could be one-off requiring an intensive period of consulting through to one-day a month board meeting supporting with financial performance and KPIs

Business Health check

Over the years we have developed our unique Business Health Check which starts with the people and organisation followed by products/services and finally business processes. We don’t complicate matters; we ensure that our business consultants not only give recommendations but are also able to provide hands on business consulting services to work as a member of your team to deliver those recommendations and dramatically improve your business.

The Business Health Check is comprehensive and we provide straight forward advice to ensure you have the right information to make the right decisions for your business. We do not produce lengthy reports that only gather dust, we produce practical working documents that will assist you from day one.

The report will cover aspects such as People/Organisation, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Strategy, Operation, Procurement, Cost Reduction and IT Systems

Financial Support

Working with a network of lenders we can support new start-ups and existing businesses. This could be through our debt financing products such as Business Loans, Asset Finance, or Invoice Finance through to our equity finance products including crowdfunding or angel investor, or even a combination of the two. Our finance consultants will work with your business to create the right package for you and review existing commitments that your business might have.

Additional Support

We know that some businesses have found 2020 to be difficult and we can help businesses recover and turnaround. Whether that be looking at digitisation or working through your business plan to give you a clear sense of direction. SMEs are the backbone and we want to enable SMEs to continue to thrive and succeed going forward

We also work with several additional partners to support with outsourcing, R&D tax credits and crowdfunding amongst many others.

Industry Specific Support

Tourism and Hospitality sectors worldwide are experiencing slumps and even widespread devastation due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Our leading consultants, Stephen Norfolk MIH and Paul Spencer are no strangers to the industry, having more than 30 years’ combined experience in operating award-winning hotels, inns, and restaurants all across the North West.Paul Spencer, said: “Local knowledge and national expertise has never been so important, especially for those who’ve recently taken advantage of the government grants and loan schemes.” Stephen Norfolk, added: “Now really is the time to take quality, informed advice and our in depth service means we can provide bespoke turnaround and restructuring solutions for tourism and all business sectors.”

Local Knowledge and Satellite Offices

SMEs in hospitality and the spectrum of related sectors have a brilliant partner available to them as they craft strategies for a future in the COVID-19 era. Savants will not just set up a call and send an invoice. We meet with companies in person, going directly to the client to provide free initial consultations to anyone in the UK.

And with satellite offices in key locations across the UK, our award-winning team of consultants are always right around the corner. Savants strategy is to be in close proximity and by establishing our presence in Yorkshire and the Humber we can support SME’s through our “Project Re-launch” initiative. This is the first of many programmes to be rolled out as Savants plans to continue investing in its human capital and deploying more satellites to support SMEs across the UK.

The future…

I’m really pleased to be working with local businesses and supporting them come out of COVID-19 and recover from the downturn. There are still several challenges ahead for businesses and a real mix of business sentiment now with businesses seeing both the positives and negatives.

Now more than ever is the time for businesses to have a clear plan, enabling them to recover and continue to grow going forward.

For businesses that are looking for support our free initial consultation is the perfect opportunity for us to talk to you and create the right level of support that your business requires.

To book a consultation or discuss Savants’ services further contact Jamie Baggaley Regional Director Yorkshire & Humber on 07399 660 002 or email JBaggaley@Savants.co.uk