March is Sheffield Beer Week so what better reason* for us to go on a pub crawl of the Sheffield City Region’s breweries?


*like we need an excuse …

Venue: Brew Foundation

Address: 18 Jarrow Road, Sheffield, S11 8YB

Opening Times: Mon – Fri 11.30am – 11pm  

Social Media: Twitter: @BrewFoundation

Facebook: @BrewFoundation

About: This father and son business strives to create the most drinkable beers on the planet – located in the popular Sharrow Vale area of Sheffield and with each pint leaving you wanting more this brewery is one not to be missed.


Venue: Saint Mars of Desert

Address: The Brewery, 90 Stevenson Road, Sheffield, S9 3XG

Opening Times: Friday 12pm – 8pm

Social Media: Twitter: @beerofsmod

Facebook: @stmarsbrewery

About: Located in Attercliffe, this small family-owned brewery stands in the spot where old brewing tradition and modern savvy collide. If you’re looking for good quality, local beer then you have found your spot.


Venue: Thornbridge Brewery

Address: Buxton Road, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1GS

Opening Times: Mon – Tue 9am – 5pm

Wed – Thur 9am – 6pm

Fri 9am – 8pm

Sat 10am – 8pm

Social Media: Twitter: @thornbridge

Facebook: @thornbridgebrewery

Instagram: @thornbridge

About: You just can’t beat a good ol’ fashioned brewery – Thornbridge took off all the way back in 2005 with just two young brewers taking the realms using a simple second hand 10-barrel kit in the grounds of Thornbridge Hall. With 350 industry-recognised awards under their belt today, keep an eye out for all their latest craft beer creations in 2019.


Venue: Abbeydale Brewery

Address: 8 Aizlewood Road, Sheffield S8 0YX

Opening Times: Mon-Friday: 8am-4pm


Social Media: Twitter: @AbbeydaleBeers

Facebook: @AbbeydaleBrewery

Instagram: @abbeydalebeers

About: A home-from-home brewery based in the heart of Sheffield, even its name was inspired by the steel city as it’s named after the district which runs along Sheffield’s Sheaf Valley towards the old abbey. There’s nothing better than a busy brewery and that’s exactly what Abbeydale is – they produce a colossal 220 brewers’ barrels per week of around 15 beers at a time to keep their thirsty customers happy.


Venue: Bradfield Brewery

Address: Watt House Farm, High Bradfield, Sheffield S6 6LG

Opening Times: Mon-Sat: 8am-4pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Social Media: Twitter: @Bradfield Brew

Facebook: @bradfieldbrewery

Instagram: @bradfieldbrewery

About: Bradfield Brewery have gone up in the world, from milking cows to making beer! Based in beautiful Bradfield at the Peak District its brewers didn’t want its cows to be left out so have named some of their beers after their breeds of cattle – one of which is their best seller Farmers Blonde. Bradfield Brewery is only set to get bigger and better.


Venue: Kelham Island

Address: 23 Alma Street, Sheffield, S3 8SA

Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 8am-4pm


Social Media: Twitter: @KelhamBrewery

Facebook: kelhambrewery

Instagram: @kelham_island_brewery

About: Back in September 1990 Kelham Brewery made history in becoming the first new independent brewery in Sheffield in almost 100 years. Fittingly, the brewery was built in the beer garden of the Fat Cat on Alma Street and with the real ale industry booming, Kelham Island has become a hot spot for drinking, meaning only continued success is on the cards for Sheffield’s oldest brewery.


Venue: True North

Address: 47 Eldon Street, Sheffield, S1 4GY

Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm


Social Media: Twitter: @TrueNorthBrewCo

Facebook: truenorthbrewco

Instagram: truenorthbrewco

About:  It might be hard to believe but what was once an old disused warehouse turned into one of Sheffield’s top venues which then resulted in a top-notch brewery. With True North ‘brewery’ doesn’t simply mean ‘beer’ – True North now have ten successful venues, including a brewery, a gin distillery AND a coffee roastery.


Venue: Exit 33

Address: Unit 7, 106 Fitzwalter Road, Sheffield S2 2SP

Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 8am-4pm


Social Media: Twitter: @exit33brewing

Facebook: @Exit33Brewing

Instagram: N/A

About:  Exit 33 is fairly new to the brewing trade starting back in 2008 and has slowly since developed, rebranded and expanded. As a small and independent brewery, the team pride themselves on the journey they’re undertaking, not simply the results. All their beers are served unfiltered and made with natural ingredients meaning every pint is uncompromised.


Venue: Neepsend Brew Co

Address: Unit 1-3, Lion Works, Mowbray Street, Sheffield, S3 8EN

Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 8am-4pm


Social Media: Twitter: @NeepsendBrewCo


Instagram: @neepsendbrewco

About: Neepsend Brew Co are constantly changing their range of beer in cask and ecokeg keeping their customers on their toes. Established in 2015 they are relatively new to the brewing industry and try and keep their beers simple yet effective – no glitz and glamour, just quality beer.


Venue: Sheffield Brewery Company

Address: Unit 111, JC Albyn Complex, Burton Road, Sheffield, S3 8BT

Opening Times: not on website

Social Media: Twitter: @sheffieldbrewer

Facebook: @SheffieldBrewery

Instagram: @sheffieldbrewery

About: Its location is probably more well known for its world famous ‘Blanco Polish’ but nowadays it’s gaining fame from producing a range of award-winning real ales such as Seven Hills and the Sheffield Porter. Despite this, the brewery tries to recognise the building’s roots and produce a core range of ‘Finely Polished Beers’ named after the polishes made in the building where the brewery now resides.


Venue: Tapped Brew Co

Address: The Tapped Brew Co, Sheffield Station, Sheaf Street, Sheffield, S1 2BP

Opening Times: Sun-Thurs: 11am-11pm

Fri-Sat: 10am-12am

Social Media: Twitter: @TappedBrewCo

Facebook: @TappedBrewCo

Instagram: N/A

About:  The Sheffield Tap is not the company’s first bar but what better place to open than the beer capital of Yorkshire. Tapped Brew company’s aim has always been to stand the test of time by keeping their finger on the pulse and creating the kind of bars its clientele want to drink in. To stand the test of time means not being like everyone else, so the brewery offers beers you can’t get in the same county, let alone in the pub down the road.


Venue: Toolmakers

Address: 6-8, Botsford Street, Sheffield

Opening Times: Unknown

Social Media: Twitter: @ToolMBrewery

Facebook: @Toolmakers Brewery

About:  This brewery keeps things close to home and is situated just round the corner from the pub it supplies its beers to – The Forest. Their easy to recognise ales are slowly making themselves around Sheffield pubs, meaning the brewery beers are being recognised further afield than ever.


Venue: Hopjacker

Address: The Old Siblings, 91 Chesterfield Road, Dronfield, S18 2XE

Opening Times: Mon-Thurs: 4pm-11pm
Fri: 3pm-12am

Sat: 12pm-12:30am

Sun: 12pm-10:30pm

Social Media: Twitter: @HopJacker

Facebook: @HopjackerBrewery

Instagram: N/A

About: Hopjacker isn’t any old brewery – it’s a new and progressing microbrewery based at the Dronfield Arms free house where they produce hop forward beers using only the best specialist malts and hops from around the world. Their career is off to a ‘hopping start’!


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