Even at university, I wanted to work for a smaller firm.  Why?  Was I daunted by the corporate culture of city brands?  Didn’t I think I could “cut it” at larger firms?  The answer is no.  It is a cliché in customer service, but the truth is that I wanted both accountability and the opportunity to personally drive objectives for my clients and make a difference.

What is Commercial Property Law?

Commercial Property covers a nuanced area of law.  The word “commercial” applies widely, from large operational businesses, with expansive real estate portfolios to sole investment companies with one or more buy-to-let properties.

Why Use a Small Law Firm for Commercial Property?

Get a More Personal Approach

Larger, “corporate” firms often window-dress.  The hierarchical structure is convoluted – legal assistants, paralegals, associates, senior associates, junior partners, equity partners … the list continues. With smaller, focused firms like BEST Solicitors, clients will only ever be serviced directly by me as Head of Department and an assistant.  Two people, two very distinct hourly rates and 95 per cent of work offered as fixed fees.

Guaranteed Efficiency

It is not the quality of knowledge or work that is criticised. No doubt, these corporate teams will consist of thoroughly educated individuals who have worked hard to attain their position.  The difference here is twofold:  firstly, fee structures at smaller firms are often vastly more reasonable and clearly set out at the start of a transaction.  Secondly, senior directors, partners and heads of departments directly interview, hire and personally train all their staff, who then work as direct assistants and learn practical skills on the job – all whilst carrying out reliable legal work on a cost-effective basis.

Work With One Dedicated Individual Throughout

Clients – particularly new clients – will often say to me:  “Sounds like a sales-pitch to me, Ian!”  I reply that it is exactly what it is!  The commercial property law market in Yorkshire and South Yorkshire in particular is saturated with a great number of providers, so the importance of setting yourself apart from the competition has never been greater.  As a head of department I would actively encourage clients to shop local.

You will often hear consumer groups calling on sensible shoppers to support local businesses rather than be enticed by the deals offered by the purchasing power of multinational corporations.  Ironically, clients will often find that the service offering of smaller, locally based solicitors’ firms are not only more competitive on price but can deliver equal – if not more productive and cost-effective – service delivery timeframes.