Following a 40 per cent year-on-year increase in turnover since 2015, Sheffield-based Bhayani HR & Employment Law, has launched a new recruitment service to deliver expert, flexible and workable recruitment solutions for businesses and the third sector.

Bhayani Recruitment will work hand in hand with the existing employment law firm – which has provided award-winning employment law advice and onsite HR services to its clients since 2014 – to deliver additional recruitment and search services to both existing clients and new ones.

The recruitment service will focus on roles for HR and internal recruitment, charity and not for profit, legal, office and customer support, sales and marketing, and board level appointments.

With the introduction of Bhayani Recruitment, the two companies will cover the whole employee lifecycle, from recruitment to termination and everything in between. This makes it one of the few offerings in the UK capable of sourcing candidates, managing HR tasks, and offering legal employment advice all within one trusted brand.

This unique collaboration of HR and legal expertise will enable Bhayani Recruitment to find the right candidate for its clients, while also taking all the recruitment steps which are legally compliant – such as inclusion and diversity requirements, pre-employment checks and the guidelines behind employing overseas workers.

Bhayani Recruitment will specialise in finding candidates for entry level roles right through to board level appointments. The company has already helped a Norwegian digital reading platform which was recently set up in Sheffield to recruit two business development managers as well as a vice president of marketing.

As well as recruiting for further product placement roles on behalf of the Norwegian company, Bhayani Recruitment is also in the process of creating new roles for a selection of its charity clients, and is already engaged in recruiting HR, sales and marketing and office support staff for its high growth clients.

On top of sourcing and shortlisting candidates, Bhayani Recruitment will also offer a recruitment process outsourcing model to help businesses write compelling job descriptions, run thorough assessment centres, deliver engaging interview questions, implement psychometric testing and review candidate performance.

In preparation for the recruitment service’s launch, the companies have invested in additional office space and refurbishment, the latest technology platforms for recruiters as well as a new website which is now live. Three new staff members have been recruited and the team is expected to grow with a number of sector specific consultants over the next twelve months.

The team is also committed to giving back to their community, which is why 10 per cent of Bhayani Recruitment’s yearly profits will be donated to its charity clients.

Over the past six years, Bhayani Law has seen an average increase in turnover of 40 per cent year on year, and a similar level of growth is expected for Bhayani Recruitment.


On the rationale behind adding a specialist recruitment arm to her business, Jay Bhayani, MD and solicitor at Bhayani HR & Employment Law and director at Bhayani Recruitment, said: “We started thinking about incorporating a bespoke recruitment service for our clients three or four years ago.

“Bhayani HR & Employment Law was covering everything from the moment an employee was employed right through to the moment they left the company, but what we were missing was that very first step – finding the right person for the job.

“One of the main benefits we bring to our clients is that they get consistent HR and legal advice all under one roof. By adding Bhayani Recruitment to our offering, we are effectively expanding that roof to cover every employee-related request our clients could possibly need.

“Since founding Bhayani HR & Employment Law in 2014, we’ve worked hard to establish a strong client base to act as our first recruitment clients. During the lockdowns of COVID-19, we took the time to reflect and develop a strong strategy for finally launching Bhayani Recruitment.

“I’m extremely excited to offer the final piece of the puzzle to our existing clients as well as new ones, and to see exactly what the team can do!”

Jay is the region’s only employment solicitor to have a UK top rating in the consumer ratings website, VouchedFor.

Joining Jay at Bhayani Recruitment is also Bradley Rodger (recruitment business director), Nabarun Dasgupta (recruitment business manager), Alice Bradshaw (recruitment administrator) and Chilli Bhayani (office dog and employee happiness officer).