During the past year South Yorkshire residents have seen the value of their homes increase and are now looking for ways to benefit. Julian Wasley, lettings agency coordinator of Four Trees Lettings, tells us more about the benefits of investing in the property lettings market

Over the past year, UK residents are estimated to have saved up £192 billion, but most are not seeing any returns from having it in cash, even in ISAs. Meanwhile, residents of South Yorkshire have seen the value of their homes increase and are looking for ways to benefit.

But once you’ve been to the auction house, signed the paperwork and fitted the new carpets, you might find your investment becoming a financial drain. An empty property still needs to be paid for and tenants can be harder to find than you think.

The face of property is changing rapidly in Sheffield and the student population is on the move. Landlords who have relied on the student market are watching their tenants move into purpose built high rises, away from the terraced streets they used to live in.

While it can sometimes feel like high street lettings agencies are always on the hunt for glossy, refurbished spaces, there is always a need for landlords who want to provide good, solid homes for a reasonable price.

Four Trees Lettings Agency specialises in renting to those who are facing homelessness, providing long-term accommodation to those in need, while protecting landlords from the risk of unpaid rents.

Lettings agency coordinator, Julian Wasley said: “Four Trees Lettings is able to guarantee rent of up to 75 per cent for our landlords with no other fees attached. The unique place we have put ourselves within the lettings market means a hands-on approach, tenants approved and ready to take tenancies plus an excellent service to our landlords. This enables us to offer more properties to those in need and tackle the ever-growing demand for our services.”

The aim is also to bring life back into areas where students have left and there is a tenant void ensuring landlords are getting a rental income without too many fees. Areas like Highfield, Abbeydale Road, Crookesmoor and Norfolk Park have been hugely affected by students staying home this past year. Many landlords who have focused on the student market in the past are finding the current climate deeply concerning.

Four Trees is helping landlords to ensure their vacancies are reaching the right people. Mary, a Four Trees landlord, said: “We moved to Sheffield from Kent and were able to invest in a rental property for our retirement fund. We didn’t fancy being hands on landlords and wanted to ensure we were doing some good with our money. Knowing Four Trees works with those at risk of homelessness means we’re making a difference, while making a good investment.”

Four Trees Lettings is hoping this commitment to ethical property investments and reducing landlord costs will ensure they are a key player in the residential lettings market in Sheffield.