Entrepreneur and family man Dom Brook doesn’t like to sit still. His latest venture, Mynexo, is a revolutionary app that acts as a handheld CRM for freelancers and consultants. unLTD’s Brogan Maguire caught up with him to find out more about the new business and how it can help millions of self-employed people take control of their lives, as well as thousands of businesses find the support they need.

I’ve known Dom Brook for quite a while through his business Brook Corporate Developments, who we’ve done quite a lot of work with here at unLTD.
I’ve learnt a lot about him in that time – namely that he is at his happiest when working on a new project or business idea.

That’s why he is so excited to have launched Mynexo, the new app that connects companies with specialist and external support.
Mynexo is a mobile and desktop application that supports local businesses and consultants with the full business lifecycle, including finding new clients and leads; video messaging; time management; invoicing and payments; purchase orders, and tracking target goals and projects.

The aim is to make life as easy as possible for businesses, consultants and freelancers – a struggle Dom know all about.

“Our app is a centralised communication platform that you can manage from your phone, tablet or computer,” he told me as we huddled around our coffees on a cold afternoon at his brand-new Penistone office. “In my opinion that’s a no brainer. There are so many time consuming and complicated processes in business and Mynexo cuts all of that out.

“We see these issues all the time at Brook, so I wanted to create a solution that would help as many people as possible to increase productivity and take those day-to-day business stresses away. There’s nothing else like it.”

Dom Brook of Mynexo

With more than two million freelancers in the UK, this is not a niche product with a small target audience.

Some of the biggest challenges cited by freelancers include finding clients and establishing a consistent client base, getting paid on time, and managing time and workload.

Well, not only can you easily manage your diary on-the-go with Mynexo, but the app also has a marketplace tool, with a directory of freelancers and consultants to help you with every business need.

And getting paid couldn’t be easier, as the app allows you to send instant invoices.

Businesses can also leave reviews for any specialists they use on the app, meaning you can find out what you’re in for before making your selection.

Dom added: “One of the biggest things I realised when finalising this idea was that there’s very little regulation in the consultancy industry and Mynexo is here to change that.

“With our review tool you can read real-life testimonies about the experiences of other businesses, and you can be reassured that every consultant or freelancer who signs up is credible, as they have to provide ID verification and are vetted for VAT and insurance.

“While the directory makes it easier for businesses to find the right person for the job they need, it’s really useful for freelancers and consultants too, as it helps them to establish a strong client base without having to spend time endlessly searching for work.”

Dom Brook of Mynexo

So, how does the app itself work?

“Simplicity really is key here,” Dom told me as he opened his phone to give me a demonstration. “All you have to do is download the app from your chosen app store – it really is that easy!

“Once it’s downloaded there are really easy instructions for signing up and all Mynexo’s features will be at your fingertips.”

After chatting about the app for a little while longer, what I really wanted to know was what the process of creating it had been like.

Dom might be good at lots of things but he’s not a tech developer, so how did he go about setting up Mynexo?

He said: “Well it wasn’t overnight, that’s for sure! The idea for Mynexo was one of those lightbulb moments you have every so often – I have most of mine when I’m not actually working, like when I’m walking the dog or in the shower.

“While some are just passing thoughts, this one stuck and I knew from the get-go I was onto a winner. From my own experience as an entrepreneur, and from the people we support at Brook, I knew these were common problems faced by lots of people and there was a real gap in the market for a product like this.

“I completely backed myself with it, so I took a leap of faith and put my all into the project. One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that you can do anything if you have the right people around you, so I got Ginger Fox Studios to work on my branding and employed some amazing developers to bring the app to life, who went above and beyond to put the image I wanted together.

“It was so much fun to see it all come together and bounce ideas around to see what worked best. Nexo is Spanish for ‘nexus’, which is a connection or series of connections linking two or more things, and that felt so fitting for what we’re doing with the app.

“Seeing your ideas out in the wild is so surreal and launching this product has been so exciting. I just want as many people as possible to make the most of it, because it really will change the way they work.”

Talking about how people work got me thinking about Dom himself, and how he always seems to be spinning lots of plates at once.

As well as running two businesses, Dom is always getting involved in different projects and events and is a prevalent name on the South Yorkshire business scene.
Fitting all of that around family life – two young children and a dog, no less – must be one hell of a challenge, so how does he do it?

When I asked him that he let out a little laugh and said: “Time management is key – I have to practice what I preach. I’ve set up a business based all around that premise and the reason for that is I know it works.

“I can only do the things I do because I’m strict with my time and plan it as effectively as possible. Of course, I love spending time with my family and friends and that’s very important to me, but I make sure I factor that in and that any of my working time is properly scheduled.

“I’m a very committed person and when I have something scheduled, then that’s what I’m doing – and I’m all in. Just because I’m now running two businesses that won’t change, I’ll just split my time accordingly and do a little bit more planning to cover all bases.

“It’s also critical to have the right processes in place and make use of the tools you have available to you.

“The challenge of balancing everything is made slightly easier by the rewards I get and the motivations I have. I love being an entrepreneur and having the freedom to create and build the things I want, without the restrictions and hesitation that can sometimes come from being employed. Having an idea and then being able to see it through to the end is an amazing feeling.

It’s also made easier by having a brilliant team around me and trusting the right people. That can make all the difference.”

Having the right team links perfectly to Dom’s next steps with Mynexo, as his plans include employing more people as the business continues to grow.

Dom is also passionate about continuous improvement and development, with ideas already on the horizon for integrating new systems into the Mynexo app.

He said: “I feel very proud to have launched Mynexo at the end of last year and to be able to see people enjoying something I created. I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2023 has in store!”

Find out more and download the app here.